Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 26 September 2013


A sprinkle or two of morning dew like a dust of diamonds, a speckle of sun, a trickle of rain, rippling within, whisper of love from God above; who can catch them? A poppy can, yes a poppy can!!

Hubby and I were on a mission grabbing a bargain from the Glenorie Growers' Market, taking advantage of a bright Sunday morning. While driving along our merry way, on a road so familiar to me, a roadside stall on a private property lured me to stop to have a closer look at these magnificently coloured paper-like stunners. Although not afraid of being alone, they're no party-poopers, in fact they perform best in each other's company. Sitting next to this beautiful bunch of blooms was the honesty box. It gives me comfort and joy, to know that despite of the chaos happening in this troublesome world there are still people out there we can trust, gesture of honesty in a world full of uncertainty! 

Hello friends, hope you are all having a wonderful week and enjoying the change of season. Thank you for visiting my humble blog and leaving your sweet comments. I'm sharing some of our spring blooms. I will  be posting more of country town Rydal soon.
Take care and God bless

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                           After the market we stopped at my Mother-in-law's for a catch up and gave her some of these beauties.

           This tea pot is a school fete find at $2, goes well with my poppy arrangement. Don't you think?

                 These mulberries are the sweetest we've harvested so far as the tree is only 2 years old.

                       Bought a few things from the market: peony tea, vanilla slices some choc brownies and this chocolate-flavoured tea was divine.

                                                     Poppies blooming-Canberra's Floriade

                     I can't seem to let spring go by with out purchasing a bunch of poppies.

This cup is also one of my school fete finds, for which I paid $2.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Day Swarmed with Daffodils.

Woken by the squawking sounds of rainbow-coloured birds, a gentle breeze blowing through a tiny gap in the window where the morning sun illuminates our bedroom, one of my most-awaited days arrived. It happens only for a span of just one week between two weekends; I get to visit one of the most magnificent towns just outside the Blue Mountains. The undulating roads to this quaint countryside town attract locals and tourists every year to this popular festival ( Daffodil Festival).
Two and a half hours drive, approximately 150 Km west of Sydney, the town of Rydal is where daffodils outnumber its population of 80 people.
We arrived early Sunday morning, the air was crisp and fresh, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and tea filled the air and the smoke coming from a barbecue nearby made my stomach rumble, for it was almost brunch time.
Daffodils fluttered, swayed and nodded their beautiful vibrant heads, greeting us and the other visitors. They can be found around the church, police station, along the main road, around the school house, past the pub and the railway station. There were 4 private gardens on show, and each has its own unique approach and design.
According to Rydal Village Association, they raised $90,000 last year which goes to nursing homes and respite centres for special needs families.
I'm sharing some photos from Bark Ridge (where we savoured a cup of tea inside the tin shed where the fire place was warm and welcoming, together with the owners of the property, a few locals and visitors) and some photos from town central. We also visited the famous Rose Cottage. That will be my next post, as I don't want to overwhelm my lovely friends with photos.

Today after Sabbath, hubby and I sat under the pergola where the grapevine is displaying its newly-unfurled leaves, sipping our tea enjoying the garden which is now awash with the beauty of spring. I've cut the last of my sweet peas, a sombre feeling gets me knowing I won't see them again till next winter and spring. But looking at our rose garden, my heart jumps with excitement as their buds are curled, waiting for that perfect time to greet me after a long long sleep. God is good!

Hope you are all well and having a wonderful weekend. Thank you for your visit and sweet comments.

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