Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Saturday, 24 October 2015

One day in spring

Loving my new tea cosy, complimenting my bouquet of sweetpeas

He is happy to hang out with me, can't you see on his pretty face?

I will surely miss the season of sweetpeas

Anemones are stealing the show

Oh how I love standing under these ornamental peach trees smelling their aroma and watch the buzzing bees

Each cluster is full of blooms displaying its most delicate beauty

The roses are here to impress

Blue Moon

Thank you dear friends for visiting. Wishing you all a happy week ahead.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A respite

Feel like baking

This pistachio loaf is fabulous-thanks to Madelief on her April post.

I always end my day with a cup of tea

From Today, this will be my favourite cake to accompany my afternoon tea

Would you like a slice?

Love the sweet scented sweetpeas

Once a year, I rekindle my love affair with these colourful beauty

A basket of roses to fill my senses

Even the fairies would agree

How cute is Woolly behind these Calla Lily

Weekend's harvest-last of the cauliflowers, a red cabbage and some chard. A perfect smorgasboard.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Thank you for Visiting.

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Spring into blogging

Spring has arrived here down under. We have been busy in the garden, planting summer vegies and warm-loving annuals. The transition between winter and spring wasn't that dramatic. Though we had some frosty nights and really cold days, we only lost few plants like papayas and habanero chillies. Not feeling hard done by, as we were happy with our winter crop this year. In saying this, I have taken many photos of our vegetable garden and of my she-shed (for tea time). I feel a little slack because I haven't shared as much in my blog as in my Instagram. Now that I have my own desk in the spare room aka vintage room, I will be able to sit down and post as much as I can, phew (thanks to my DH). I am joining Bernideen for Tea in the garden

Found this vase/jug at an antique store in Milthorpe and this Colclough tea cup at Vinnies (Charity shop) in Orange.

Year after year these self-seeding sweet peas are producing in abundance.

Fear of getting upstaged by other flowers, this Clivia is showing off in style

What would we do without these hardworking bees

Apple blossoms are small but attract lots of attention

The versatile Calendula is so prolific, it spreads its seeds in every corner of the garden

Well, almost tea time

This $1.00 garage sale find cactus is covered with flowers

These red cabbage are too slow-growing, winter left them to spring

These Bokchoy are so impatient, must think we are so slow in picking that they have gone to seed

We still have a row of cauliflower, I hope the white cabbage butterflies won't discover them

Fruit-laden dwarf black mulberry is begging for anyone who can empty its bounty

And the star of the day: Mr Lincoln