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Walk and Enjoy
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Birthday getaway

A few days before my birthday, my husband and I flew to the Norfolk Island for a week's holiday. Well almost a holiday, as it was actually for my husband's History Teachers Association Conference.Norfolk Island is 1500 Kms off the Coast of New South Wales, with a population of  over 1500 and with estimated 27,000 visitors a year.  The island is packed full of history, from the time the Polynesians inhabited the island till the Pitcainers settled in, with two penal settlement in between. I sure did learn more in 7 days than my entire time at school!I am sharing some photos I took of the island and hopefully will share some more in the next few days. 

Thank you for visiting and wishing you all a happy and safe week. 

Joining Bernideen for BTTCG Blog party
Sandi for No place like home

                          In Norfolk, cows have the right of way.
                                         Lilies growing in the drainage canal

The famous Emily Bay (named after Emily Christian-one of the descendants of Fletcher Christian the mutiny).

                                 We enjoyed the blue crystal waters

                                                                 Hubby went for a swim

                                                       I will surely miss this place

                                                     The view at one of the Cafes

                            The food was impeccably yummy in the island
                                      And ofcourse I cant go without my tea

                 I suppose I should have cakes, it was my birthday after all
      Baked some madeleines for my afternoon tea. The tea for one teapot is a $5  market find and I paid $7.50 for the colclough teacup, plate and saucer also from the market.


  1. How lovely to see blue skies and sunshine.

  2. First belated congratulations with your birthday, you were lucky your husband had to go to that wonderful island, you must have had a wonderful time with beautiful sceneries, delicious food and of course birthday cake and tea. By the way I love to see all those cows.
    Have a nice new week!
    Regards, Janneke

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet Aida!

    What a lucky girl you are to have spent your big day on that beautiful island! It makes me miss Crete, as I see so many similarities in the landscape and the sea.

    Your teatime treat is perfect and your colourful, floral pillows are very cheery and pretty.

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a wonderful week.

    Warm hugs,

  4. Your photos are simply stunning! What a beautiful place. Wishing you a Happy Birthday. Your teatime treasures certainly are lovely. Gardening is my first love and your header with the Iceland Poppies made me smile!

  5. Dear Aida:
    I can't believe the weather there! Amazing. Happy belated birthday! Your madeleines look wonderful and your photos are lovely. So glad you shared.

  6. Aida:
    I'm back I see this was a Get Away to Norfolk Island! Lovely!

  7. Dear Aida, I wish you much luck for the next year and reasons to smile every day!
    Oh, what a beautiful place you've had your birthday :-) I love the surrounding countryside. And I like to look at cows;-) In my village, unfortunately there are only a few. Riding the milk to one of the local farms, because it is very important to me that my daughter saw unprocessed.
    With great pleasure I watched your photos. Oh, yes, I'm missing the summer heat
    I greet you warmly and I thank you for your visit and such kind words.
    All the best

  8. so beautiful! what a wonderful getaway!

  9. Happy Birthday, Aida! Thank you for sharing these lovely images of your fun getaway. The $5 tea for one teapot was a great find!

  10. Happy Birthday! Looks so lovely! I am so glad you had a chance to get away for some R&R!

  11. That looks like a lovely holiday! I would so love a secluded beach! Happy Birthday Aida! I babysit a 3 yr old that has your name. It is a great name!

  12. Happy Birthday Aida! It looks like you had a lovely celebration on the island. Your images are gorgeous! So peaceful.
    Your cozy kitchen table is so pretty with your lovely pillows and tea wares. That is a darling tea for one and such a bargain!

  13. What a nice place to visit. The Bay is so pretty, Aida. I can see why you miss it. Happy Birthday to you, my dear. Love the pictures of the sweet cows grazing in the grass. The vase you put your flowers in is cheerful, love that.


  14. I know, I'm late, but I would like wish you all the best,Aida, for every day!
    Hugs )))

  15. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful place to celebrate.

  16. Belated birthday wishes to You My new friend.I loved both the journey photos and the Tea Time photos.Thank You for Your latest visit and that You cared enough to leave a comment.

  17. Belated birthday wishes to You My new friend.I loved both the journey photos and the Tea Time photos.Thank You for Your latest visit and that You cared enough to leave a comment.

  18. My dear Aida, you mentioned that you felt a little teary. I'm not sure if it was reading my post or that you're just in that kind of mood, which we all get sometimes.

    Sending you lots of love tonight. It's the end of January, oh my!

    love, ~Sheri

  19. Norfolk Island looks beautiful - I love the wide horseshoe bay where you hubby had a swim.
    Happy Birthday Aida - your madeleines look delicious!
    Your Colclough teacup was a great find and the little teapot - such good prices.
    You would be shocked at the prices here for vintage teacups.
    It's the last day of January - it went by so fast!
    Shane x

  20. Aida:
    I was happy to feature this blog post on Saturday! Thanks you for linking!