Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mind, Body and Soul

Hello dear friends, hope you are all enjoying your weekend and beautiful weather wherever you may be. We are somehow lucky here down under, as winter has been really mild with only a few showers here and there. As always, I have been busy with my work, with few hours to spare in the garden during the weekend. Our little potager has been productive, while the rest of the garden is slowly coming to terms . A couple of weeks ago, we visited my husband's Auntie and cousin at a suburb where he grew up and spent most of his childhood years. It was then that we decided to organise a day of bush walking in the area.

Thank you dear friends for stopping by and leaving your lovely messages. And welcome to my new followers. I really appreciate you joining me in my journey of blogging.

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I am not a health freak nor a fitness fanatic, but I believe that balance is the key to a sound mind, body and soul.

Today seemed a perfect day, for an outdoor getaway

So we gathered; me, hubby and family

We started from Kalkarri

Off the beaten track, we groan and moan, and struggle along the gruelling path

Forty five minutes later, we reach the top with view over looking the Marina, where the water is turquoise clear and million dollar boats are moored.

Hubby feels the need to pose

Something caught my attention, it's hollow, it's bare and stripped of its summer leaves.

Anyone for a paddle?

We stopped for coffee and tea with a couple packs of hot chips for energy

Schools of fish in abundance just beneath the river's surface.

Surely the ducks didn't mind, swimming atop these schools of marine life

After our brief chat, off we started the steep climb back.

I helped myself to a couple of camellias, to brighten up the sticks, the stumps and the trees as my subject.

On top of a rock formation

And inside a cavity of a speckled gum tree

Can you see the eucalypt oil emitting in the horizon?

One of the most common native species around; grass tree

Looks like we are back where we started

We stumbled upon a catastrophe of a once beautiful tree

As a gesture of  gratitude, there I left the battered camellia blooms, as a memorial to this once gigantic king of this bush.

Hubby is patiently waiting, as I said my goodbye to the tree and my little posy.

I was panting and puffing and my legs were a little wobbly but grateful that I did a favour to myself and feel like I burned few thousand calories.

This is my hubby's old house, where he grew up, filled with love and happy memories.

Some of my market finds, brightening up a corner in this wintery day.

My mismatched $2 market find cup and saucer (left).

Monday, 9 June 2014

My little secret

Hello dear friends, I hope your weekend has been enjoyable and productive. We were blessed to have an extra day off this weekend. This will be the last long weekend for a while for us here down under. While winter sets in, everything seems to slow down especially around the garden. Rose garden is almost ready for its annual pruning, bulbs beginning to shoot, succulents and orchids have been transplanted. Lots of fertilising, mulching, deadheading and pruning.  On the other hand my vintage-hunting never ceases, as markets, vintage fairs and school fetes are calling. So here I am on the prowl, for things I thought I can't live without.  

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The naked truth of my secret

I have kept it in the dark, and was in self-denial

But I thought I should come clean and shed a bit of light..

Started as a slight attraction, of all its glorious colour and form. Age didn't seem to matter..

I thought I'd be happy with this particular one

Till I found myself searching for more

Cute ones, quirky ones, there are no exceptions...

I found Laughing Larry to lead the camaraderie

Farmyard theme joined the fun

Anything floral, bright yellow or blue, but pink is one of my favourite hues

I thought of giving up when I reach a certain number

But it's like a quick sand, the more I struggle, the more I sink deeper and deeper

Now is not the time to give up, or to topple

It's utterly, utterly mortifying but the happiness is unwavering every time I add more to my collection.

Here I am confessing, and promise to share more of them, one post at a time. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet and kind message. Wishing you all a wonderful week.