Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day.

Every Australia Day long weekend, if not spending time at the beach with my family, we usually spend time at each other's backyard having a barbecue.This year, we are having a quiet long weekend at home. Hubby, being busy with painting and refurbishing our living room, while I try to do a hundred of things at the same time. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to finish the things I wanted to do. I invited my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and one of my sisters for a quiet afternoon tea yesterday. It was a good afternoon sharing some comfort food, warming tea and a good laugh. We have had some good weather the last few days with cooler temperature and a couple of days of drizzling rain. Our garden is looking less stressed and more rejuvenated.

The patchy cloud, hovering above the Sydney skies isn't a deterrent for Aussies celebrating this iconic event.

Reminiscing of a beautiful day in one of the busiest beaches around Sydney.

The water was inviting, splashing, calling, the gentle surf lapping, drawing people to enter.

Don't forget to slip, slop, slap, a sun-kissed skin may be appealing but its long-term effect is disturbing.

I am a weak swimmer and therefore careful to only dip into the water, well aware of things that may be lurking in the vastness of  the  ocean.

A tan, for me isn't necessary, as I was born with this natural beauty.

Some are basking, soaking frolicking, relishing the warmth of this sun blessed country.

From north to south headlands, there was a throng of sun-bathers.

So I headed away from the burning sand, and took refuge under a conspicuous Norfolk Island pine.

Must be the heat that sent me in daze, as it took a while of unfamiliarity, only then to realise that my car was parked not far away.

This Casa Domani hand-painted tea set was a birthday present from my sister.

I've collected some marigolds & mandavellas to make a posy.

This Cashmere collection of Maxwell & Williams is a perfect to match my colourful tea set.

I would like to wish all Aussies a happy Australia Day!

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Friday, 17 January 2014

In sweltering heat

As the mercury rapidly heads north, the scorching heat damaged many of our annuals and perennials, leaving them rather weary and thirsty.

         These pink roses are tough as nails, prolific is her name and colour is her game.

 A bouquet for beauty, bringing life to my arty-crafty sanctuary.

Added some vintage tins and bygone time frames; a solitude I escape to when life goes awry.

Flowers bring happiness, whether imprinted on a tin, sewn on a bag or hanging by the applique, their complex beauty never gets under-estimated.

And when the future looks a little blurry, here in this room I stay for musings or deep thought of happy imagery.

Vine-ripened tomatoes, despite this unbearable heatwave. A taste-test will prove if they are as sweet as they look

I harvested a bunch of rhubarb before the heat soaked up its tangy juice.

These eggplants don't seem to budge from the volatile heat of the sun. They just grow bigger and rounder, happily hanging by their scrawny-looking limbs.

Some like it hot and some shrivel away from the cold, this frangipani withstands the hottest temperatures of the day.

The only thriving naked lady collaborated with agapanthus emanate sweet scent in my household.

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I never tire of acquiring things of time gone by, perhaps a little passe' but managed to retain the lustre of its beauty. 

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Would you please join me for a cup of tea, as we retreat inside to stay cool.

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

The best thing about going on holiday is coming home.

Over two months of my hiatus from blog land, I am now refreshed and ready to share my wonderful everyday life in this sun-blessed country down under. Coming back from our 4 weeks holiday in some of Europe's most beautiful cities, all alive with Christmas decorations, I am happy to be back in my comfort zone sitting by the pergola with a glass of lemonade or even better a cup of tea. 
Apologies to all my blog friends for not dropping by for a while. I hope you all had a good break and enjoyed the festive season.