Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Red roses, a picnic basket and a pink surprise.

Hello dear friends, hope you were all spoilt and pampered last week by your loved ones. This is my post Valentine/birthday getaway celebration. I prefer to keep birthdays low-key, but this year my hubby decided to give me a surprise weekend away, very sweet of him. Instead of going away on my birthday week, we decided to do it on Valentine's day. The weather forecast was cloudy and raining but it didn't hinder us from enjoying our weekend away as we had a plan B, and that is to scour all charity shops, junk shops, markets and op shops we could find. And to my luck  I surely found some treasures which I will share with you next time.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

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I packed our picnic basket with so much delight, double red roses to complement a beautiful day of heart but what is in the pink box? Full of anticipation, my heart beats fast.

The traffic was slow for a Friday afternoon, as all the workers headed to their homes. But the slow drive of an hour or so was all worthwhile as we greeted with this spectacular view.

Two red champagne flutes

Comes with some goodies we need for a nosh.

Now I'm confused, is it the champagne or the lenses which caused this photo to be out of focused?

These little slices of dates and hazelnuts were such a  treat;  I made them a couple of days ahead.

Dear cloud please be slow and let us enjoy our picnic for two.

The meal wasn't  fancy-schmancy...

But if you share it with a loved one

and a couple of vagabonds

You seem to find love

Immersed in every corner, wherever you would glance

You might find them growing in between rocks or halfway buried under sand dunes

But as I contemplate the day on which I aged, not wary of what the future beholds

Instead I surround myself with flocks of happy comrades

Our weekend getaway went so fast, a blink of an eye, it was time to say goodbye

Rest-assured we are coming back, for we tend to get edgy if we don't explore

This tablecloth is made of cotton, embroidered with flowers and foliage, one of many treasures I fossicked.

A little skink came out from his shelter of old timber, wanting to join me for a cup of tea 

I immensely enjoyed my birthday rendezvous but was also glad to be home to find my roses in bloom

And excited to use this cup and saucer made by Limoges porcelain which is gifted to me by my sweet hubby

I feel like using this little cottage tea pot by Royal Albert, adorned with rambling pink and yellow roses, which resemble my home sweet home. 

Delectable strawberries, so sweet and juicy and fresh as it can be, for they are from our garden, ripened in time for my post-birthday tea

Thank you dear friends for joining me as I take another year in the world of blogging.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm nuts for coconuts.

As I was leafing through the pages of the Better Homes and Gardens current issue, a coconut ice-cream recipe brought back memories of my long-departed parents and our simple life in a tiny town located in one of the islands in the Philippines.
Growing up in a tropical country surrounded with lush, verdant rainforest where monsoonal rains and seasonal storms bring damage more often than good to the community's livelihood, I was acquainted with eating one of the main staple foods. They're not only readily available all year round but they are free and have many beneficial properties. 
Feeling nostalgic about my childhood memories, I am sharing some photos of my hometown (and 2 of Fiji) and the coconut ice-cream I made today.

 Wishing everyone a happy week.
Thank you dear friends for visiting and leaving your sweet comments.

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My love affair with coconuts started from a very young age.

I shared my palate with all my brood and extended family. A strong close-knit relationship was integrated with understanding and respect for each other.

But as I get older and wander into another world for a better future, my tradition and heritage I keep and maintain as I face more challenging stages of adulthood.

But one important value I will always cherish is being humble and kind to those who are less fortunate and giving to those who are in need.


As I go along life's journey, challenges, trials, tribulation came my way. I managed to survived life stormy days, faith was my stronghold and helped me reached the future I envisaged.

Volcanic sand, estuaries and ponds might look boring now but in a child's eyes it was once a little sanctuary.

Families that are left behind keep me updated of  what's happening in the locality.

For wherever I may be, part of me will stay in the land that shaped me.

Crystal clear are the memories which are instilled in my personality.

For now let me drift away to the land far away, where life was once sweet and free of inequities.

For those of you who are interested to try the recipe, please let me know and I will email it to you.
Apologies for the gap between couple of photos, I just keep losing them. Hopefully I will figure how this works.