Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Upon the onset of spring

Coming towards the end of winter, there was a slight changed in temperature. From moderate to warm, sunset seems later and sunrise is quicker. Looking around me the previously dull areas of the garden are now brimming with colours and textures. Spring has finally sprung! Driving along the main road, I was pleased to see colourful gazanias lined along the footpath. A variety of flowering plums and cherries parading their most vibrant blooms. Flowers make me happy, they bring cheer and joy to my innermost soul. I try to surround myself with the things which make me happy and flowers are one of them.

Couple of weeks ago, my friend and her husband came over for afternoon tea before they flew to Bali for a relaxing holiday. I've been so busy that I didn't have a chance to share their photos. Nonetheless, I'm sharing them now.
My daughter and I prepared some sandwiches, baked lemon tart and cupcakes. It was indeed a pleasant afternoon as we chatted, nibbling on some goodies, sipping our favourite tea till dusk joined us.
I'm sharing some photos of our garden, what's blooming and what-not, from orchids to the quince trees, my senses filled with beauty. I also picked some veggies and stir-fried them for our lunch before I sat down and logged in to my blog. Hope you enjoy the photos.

So what's happening in your neck of the woods?

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Daffodil Day

Today Australia celebrates Daffodil Day. Everyone knows somebody who has been affected by cancer.
And today is the day when everyone gets together to raise fund to support the Cancer Council. Every dollar raised gets us closer to finding a cure for the deadliest disease.
Daffodil signifies hope, promise, life and a brighter future.
More than five years ago we lost someone who loved life,  a doting father and a grandfather, a loving husband, a sweet son in law and a great friend whose love of life brought us closer together and helped us appreciate what we have. He wasn't just a brother in law to me but also a mentor and an inspiration. The news shocked all of us, seemed surreal. Friends from far and near draw closer to support and comfort the whole family. Watching him deteriorate from a healthy man (whose passion for music and travel created a robust group of friends) to almost skin and bone was heart-breaking. He fought his fight and stood his ground till his time in this world lapsed. He may be gone from our sight but his memory lives on. We do miss him and his antics, a memory we have  but which no type of cancer can defeat.

I've created a bouquet which consist of daffodils, poppies and some chrysanthemums from our garden. The yellow candles remind us of Ernest whose personality was so vivid that it lit up a room and brought everything to life.

My sister in law Janelle and her husband Ernest
Ernest on Christmas 2005
This is us...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tea for two with 5th sister in tow.

I praise God for the gift of family. I feel so blessed to have the love and support of my siblings, from the time we lost our parents from an early age till now. We went through the roughest time of our lives but we stayed strong and kept our faith. For the love of God kept us together and bound us in His strength. As the youngest in the brood of 6, I was completely reliant on my older sisters. I can't imagine what life would have been without them.  

Three of us migrated to Australia and my only brother and 2 eldest sisters are still living in the Philippines with their own families. Australia is now our home, but distance is no object as we always keep the line of communication open and constant.

Whenever possible, my sisters and I try to get together for a quick rendezvous. Below is my sister Evelyn. One Sunday she dropped by for a quick cup of tea with some goodies from our local farmers' market.

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                     I gave her a bunch of Chinese Chrysanthemums (from our garden).

              We enjoyed some choc brownies, croissants, passion fruit and white choc slice

                              These beautiful tulips added some sunshine to our tea setting

                                                 Even Ms Bee can't stop buzzing about it

Moment on our lips. Forever on our hips (but I can't help myself coz they're  so yummy!)

                                               She has an affinity for birdcages too.

                                                          My recent pre-spring bouquet

                                 Daffodils, poppies and some sweet smelling sweet-peas

                                                   Quite perfect in my blue willow vase