Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 26 September 2013


A sprinkle or two of morning dew like a dust of diamonds, a speckle of sun, a trickle of rain, rippling within, whisper of love from God above; who can catch them? A poppy can, yes a poppy can!!

Hubby and I were on a mission grabbing a bargain from the Glenorie Growers' Market, taking advantage of a bright Sunday morning. While driving along our merry way, on a road so familiar to me, a roadside stall on a private property lured me to stop to have a closer look at these magnificently coloured paper-like stunners. Although not afraid of being alone, they're no party-poopers, in fact they perform best in each other's company. Sitting next to this beautiful bunch of blooms was the honesty box. It gives me comfort and joy, to know that despite of the chaos happening in this troublesome world there are still people out there we can trust, gesture of honesty in a world full of uncertainty! 

Hello friends, hope you are all having a wonderful week and enjoying the change of season. Thank you for visiting my humble blog and leaving your sweet comments. I'm sharing some of our spring blooms. I will  be posting more of country town Rydal soon.
Take care and God bless

This week I'm joining:
Martha of Martha's Favourite for Tea cup Tuesday
Terri of Artful Affirmation for Tea time Tuesday
Sandi of Rose Chintz Cottage

                           After the market we stopped at my Mother-in-law's for a catch up and gave her some of these beauties.

           This tea pot is a school fete find at $2, goes well with my poppy arrangement. Don't you think?

                 These mulberries are the sweetest we've harvested so far as the tree is only 2 years old.

                       Bought a few things from the market: peony tea, vanilla slices some choc brownies and this chocolate-flavoured tea was divine.

                                                     Poppies blooming-Canberra's Floriade

                     I can't seem to let spring go by with out purchasing a bunch of poppies.

This cup is also one of my school fete finds, for which I paid $2.


  1. How beautiful! I adore poppies! Your days are good!

  2. My sweet Aida,

    Where, oh where do I begin?!! Right. I will start with what made my heart skip a beat upon contact: that field of dreamy, lollipop coloured poppies! How they shine in that glorious sunlight, like lemon, orange and grapefruit flavoured candy, sweet and delicate, smiling towards the skies! Next, that charming teapot, another nod to my namesake petal! And finally, those decadent, chocolate flavoured treats you shared with your mother-in-law, for a cozy teatime visit.

    If it's okay with you, I will 'pick' from your field of pretty poppies and place them on my screen, to brighten my day and my mood, my very own 'eye candy' without the calories!

    Thanks for sharing all the splendour, dear friend!


    1. Dear Poppy, I'm so happy that you stopped by. Of course you can pick as many poppies as you like, they are there for the taking. I'm glad you like them, it will look nice on the screen. Have a good weekend my friend.



  3. Dear Aida,
    Such a charming post! I love your poppies and how you came by them, too! So nice to have the 'honor' system still in place for such a delightful reason! Who can resist poppies and yours are so beautifully displayed in your lovely vases. I am in love with your pretty tea pot and vase on your wonderfully colored cloth. It all coordinates so nicely. Your tea cup is wonderful, too. Enjoy your springtime - here we are getting cool fall rain, but the trees are starting to color.
    Hugs xo

  4. We have a neighbor up the road who sets out his pumpkins every year and he trusts folks to take one and leave two dollars in the metal box he has supplied. It's nice that some people still do that sort of thing.
    Oh, the poppies are so pretty and there are so many pretty colours. Your tea time is lovely and that teacup for two dollars is really beautiful! Thank you for coming by and joining me at my HOME. I hope your weekend is simply splendid. Blessings, Sandi

  5. Dear Aida,

    Thank you for your so kind words to me!♥
    Oh, this field of poppies, it is just beautiful!!:)

    Dear friend, unfortunately my English isn´t so good:(
    But I wish you happy weekend!♥


  6. The photos of that flower stall, stunning. Such a lovely post again Aida, poppies are favourite flowers of mine and you show us so many beautiful pictures of them. And you had some nice school fete finds. I like the cheerful colours of the teapot and the combination with the poppies, so pretty.
    Wish you a very nice weekend!

  7. The Poppies are beautiful, Aida. This flower is such a delicate and lovely one. When I first moved into my home, we noticed that orange Poppies were blooming on the side of our yard. It was such a wonderful sight, as they were a bright orange color. Every spring, they bloom and are so vibrant. The field of Poppies on here is so pretty. I love the red ones. And that tea cup on the last picture is very unique. The chocolate flavored tea sounds delightful.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear.


  8. Dear Aida,
    this kind of fields with flowers or pumpkins to cut and pay by yourself are very popular here. I guess in the end they make enough money even when some peoply will not pay. Most of the people are honest. The poppies are so beautiful and you have chosen very nice china to them. The mulberies are amazing, I have seen the trees here but never had some fruits. Thank you for sharing this all delights and the wonderful tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. Stunning poppies! reminds me of our fields of tulips... gorgeous - thank you for sharing your day with us =)
    and oooo those blackberries! what a delish teatime - thank you for including us!!

    You were inquiring about Glittering Promises - it's the final book in a trilogy of young family members taking the grand tour of Europe in the early 1900's - they have a lot of growing up to experience - HIGHLY recommended! this conclusion alone is worth the series! but so much more in reading each installment - author Lisa T Bergren - also wrote the River of Time amazing YA series I loved ;))
    anyway - thanks for asking and def grab a copy whenever you have the opportunity if you're a booklover of great content, description and action!
    Blessings on your day of rest...

  10. Wow! Such stunning pictures of the beautiful fields of poppies....they make a gorgeous centerpiece for your tea time:) Love the cute little tea pot complementing so prettily with the poppies. I don't think I ever tasted mulberries ever before...they look delish! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and for taking the time to visit me. I enjoyed your company! Happy week! Hugs, Poppy

  11. All these wonderful photos of poppies are so amazing! Such wonderful colors! And the mulberries looks scrumptious, as do the brownies..yum, yum!
    Oh, yes! To your post on my blog about doing a Morticia doll, I can just visualize her in my mind's eye. I always loved Carolyn Jones as Morticia in the vintage T.V. series. She was such a dainty Goth witch.

  12. Oh, right next to dear Teresa! :)
    Aida...what a gorgeous post!! Thank you for sharing this loveliness...poppies are so special, I love them, and I often try to paint them!
    And your teapot, goodies, beautiful vases...everything is so beautiful and inviting....
    Enjoy, sweet friend...
    - Irina

  13. These poppies are GORGEOUS! Poppies are my favorite part of late spring early summer and seeing them here makes me so happy! The vase you put them in goes so perfectly with all the colors!