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Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tribute to my Mum

I lost my nanay (mum) at the tender age of 7 and my tatay (father) just over a year after that. As the youngest in the brood of six, I vaguely understood everything. In order to survive, we were all separated to live in the care of relatives and those who were old enough to work,  laboured in exchanged for food, shelter and a little education. 

Growing up without parents was challenging especially in an environment surrounded with bullies and hostility. My formative years weren't a pleasant experience. I learned to be strong and fight for what little rights I had. When confronted with daunting situations, I wished my mum would appear and rescue me. This is the time when you long for a Mother's love and comfort. Oh how I missed my mother so much; I often thought without her, life seemed meaningless. 

This Mother's Day, I would like to pay tribute to my mum, and my short but vivid memory of her. 

My mother on the right, me (circled), my sister and our cousin. This is the only picture of our mother, our most treasured memory of her. Her name is Salome; she was gentle, kind and graceful and she meant the world to me. Back in those days, life wasn't easy. After a lot of hardships in her life, her frail body succumbed to disease.

Not until I became a mother myself, did I realise what my mother must have gone through.

If I were to choose a flower to symbolise my mother, this white hyacinth is perfect, for its sweet scent is pure and lingers through and through.

Thank you friends for visiting. I would like to wish you all a happy Mother's Day. Hope you get spoilt by your loved ones.


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  1. Oh dear, how touching is your story, how painful to lose your mum and dad so young, when everything sould touch you only with love and tenderness...A great tribute to her, enjoy your life with your beutiful girl!

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories of your Dear Mother and I am so sorry you lost her so young and suffered such hardship. Her love must have been strong to carry you through to be the beautiful person you are today. The photos are precious and your daughter is beautiful. Happy Mother's Day! xo Karen

  3. Your mother must know what a beautiful child she gave birth to. You honor your mother with your deep love for others and your eye for beauty. You are a blessing.

  4. Beautifully wrote. I can imagine how you miss her.
    Happy Mother's Day!
    I love your china :-)
    I watch it with envy :-)

  5. Dearest Aida...I am reading with tears in my eyes...so touching and beautiful. Her love lives on in you...and I do believe that they are never too far away. It is crushing to lose one's mother at such a tender age...your loving tribute is a testament to her legacy. And that is beautiful.
    Gorgeous photos of all three generations...
    This is my 3rd Mother's Day without my mom...still not an easy day...
    But I celebrate, like you, my own precious motherhood...the greatest blessing I know. I am sending you a tight hug. :)
    And I thank you for your dear friendship...your sweet words on my post...
    Much LOVE to you,
    - Irina

  6. Hello Aida,

    Such a lovely post dedicated to your Mum. Have a wonderful day with your daughter.
    Great collection of photo's for this post, just love the embroidered serviettes matching the cup.

    Happy days.

  7. Happy Mother's Day!

    What a beautiful and touching heartfelt post about your Mom!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  8. Dear Aida,

    A mother's love lives on in her children, no matter how long they have been separated by unfortunate circumstances. I'm certain that you feel your own mother's love in you every single day and can sense her presence always. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have endured in your life, but am happy that you have come out of them a gentle and loving person. Hope your Mother's Day was wonderfully sweet.

    P.S. I'm absolutely certain that I had already visited and left a reply prior to this one, right here, and am wondering if you perhaps haven't been receiving my comments!

  9. :( so sad. I can imagine how life would be for you when you were growing. Up. Thank you for sharing. The tribute you made for your mum is beautiful. if she.s alive today, she will be very happy to see what you become. A strong, independent, loving person with so much to offer. I love all the pictures you posted especially the op shop finds, and the flowers! a never ending supply! looking forwrd for your next post <3 <3 <3


  10. My dear Aida, what a beautiful post about your beloved mother. I am the youngest of my siblings also, just like you. How hard it must have been at times growing up without a mom. I had my mom my whole life, but I was only 28 when my dad left this world. The white hyacinth is a special flower to symbolize your mother. I love the picture with the vanity tray, jewelry, and pink rose - it's so pretty. And I always delight in all the different tea cups you have, as I am collecting unique tea cups myself. This is a cute picture of you and your daughter. Nel and Jess made me a lovely tea party brunch for Mother's Day. I hope you had a special day yourself. You deserve all the good things that life has to offer.


  11. Hello Aida,
    Your tribute post to your parents is so loving, it has touched my heart. I feel saddened at the thought of you at 7, having lost both your parents. Your mother is lovely! I am so glad you have at least this image of her. We really do only realize what our parents went through when we have our own children. Your post is beautiful too, with all it's lovely china and plants.

  12. Hello Aida,

    What a loving and heartfelt tribute to your mother. Your story made me cry. I can't even imagine life without a mother at the tender age of 7. But you have beaten all the odds and now have a wonderful family of your own. I do hope that you have been able to keep in touch with your siblings. I am sure your mother is very proud of all you have conquered and achieved in your life.

    Lovely post and thank you for visiting Aida. I am so glad I stopped by.



  13. Dear Aida,
    Your story is so sad.
    But now, you are happy Mum, and this is wonderful.

  14. What a poignant post about your life and the loss of your parents. Your mother must have been guiding you from heaven because you seem to have done well despite the loss of your parents.

    I love the name Salome and that you chose hyacinths to remind you of her. Your mother's love lingers just like the scent of hyacinths.

  15. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. It is nice to know you. :) I love all your photos and especially the one of your Mom and yourself. You have a wonderful weekend. :) Kit

  16. Despite your formative years you seem to be a very well adjusted and loving person. Your mother would be most proud. So sorry for the loss of your mother. I could not even imagine. Lovely picture of you and your daughter. Life sure does change when we become parents ourselves.

  17. A lovely post. a wonderful tribute to your mom. Thank you for stopping by my blog to comment.

  18. What a truly lovely tribute to your Mum. What a treasure that photo is too! Glad you have it.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  19. A very lovely tribute to your mother!

  20. Thanks again for stopping by!! Once again, I had to read this post! It truly is beautiful!!


  21. Your Mother's name is so very important. Next to His own mother, the most notable mother to cross the path of Jesus was the mother of the disciples James and John. In the book of Mark (15:40) she is called Salome at the Crucifixion (Mark 15:40) and at the Resurrection (Mark 16:1). Her two sons were very close to Jesus. If you read the story about her she even asked Jesus if her sons could sit next to Him in heaven. (see Matthew chapter 20) What a beautiful name Salome is!

    You have made the best of your circumstance in life. God is truly had his hand on you and now you have joy with your own family. This was a beautiful tribute.

  22. This is my first visit to your blog. I found you through Martha's "Teacup Tuesday." I used to regularly participate in the Tuesday tea parties, but for the past couple years, my blogging has been going in another direction. Effective this weekend, I am back to "beautiful things" blogging again. These tea parties are fun and a great way to connect with lovely ladies like yourself.

    This was a beautiful tribute to your mom. I know she would be so proud and happy to read your lovely words. How wonderful that you have that photo. It's a treasure for sure!

    Patti (of Magnolia Cottage)

  23. Your post about your mother is so heartbreaking, yet so touching and full of love. Your mother was a beautiful woman (and I love her name!) and she obviously left a great influence on you. And now you are carrying on her love within you to your own child. Blessings to you!