Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Winter colour

When all else fails, you can definitely count on Australian native plants. As soon as the cooler weather arrived, everything in our garden slowed down. Except for the natives, as there are a lot of species that withstand the most harsh temperature. We love its diversity, variety, colours and textures. They are easy to grow, low-maintenance, hardy, vigorous and best of all prolific.

Thank you friends for your visit and leaving your kind and sweet messages. I am counting the weeks when the cooler weather passes and I can get back to more posting action. This weather is truly turning me into a couch potato.

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This is Grevillea var. Lady O

This is Geraldton Wax, endemic to Western Australia

This is another variety of  Grevillea

Banksia var. Giant candles

Tea Tree var. Rhiannon

Hardenbergia Violacea

Callistemon or commonly called bottlebrush

Grevillea Superb

Callistemon Taree Pink

My little posy of native cut flowers

Our Red Kangaroo Paw

A close up photo of Geraldton wax

Another Grevillea Superb

Grevillea var.

Dwarf Banksia Integrefolia

Grevillea ground cover

Another cut flower of Dianella Caerulea or blue flax-lily or blueberry lily or Paroo lily

Australian native violets

This Lorikeet loves the nectar from this Grevillea var. Ned Kelly

Not only a great food source for native birds but also a perfect shelter and protection

Paper Daisy

The pruning of our native plants make a perfect bouquet

Our driveway is lined with bottle brushes, displaying their most bright pink blooms.  

Banksia var. Giant Candles

A close up of Hardenbergia

Eriostemon - bees love them

My freshly cut native bouquet of golden lyre grevillea, bottle brush, Geraldton wax and some tea tree.

The vase is my $2.00 junk shop find.