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Walk and Enjoy
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Monday, 13 July 2015

In Loving Memory of Junior

Monday the 13th of July, was one of the hardest days of our lives; my husband, daughter and I decided to let go of our beloved pet Junior. He had been with us for over 14 years, a great companion, guard dog, a good listener (when he felt like it) and loved gardening (he dug around the garden). He was a Staffy cross Labrador or some sort, but all I know his breed was intended for pig hunting. But Junior was raised as a home dog, though he fulfilled his role as a scary guard dog (as a few people would testify) he was actually gentle, kind and loved being around people. He loved his KFC, minced meat, pasta, roast chicken, scrambled eggs and my fried rice and towards the end he was only eating bacon, bratwurst and My Dog puppy food. People would raise their eyebrows when I told them about Junior's diet. I'm sure I wasn't doing anything wrong by him, I just wanted to go that extra mile to cook his food to make him eat his meal happily. Call me a crazy dog owner but that is how it was. I can't say that I was a perfect dog owner, as I did feel guilty when there were days or weeks when we didn't  take him for a walk. But despite being home-bound, he was always happy to see us come home. He would look through the gap in the gate as we drove in and wagged his tail with glee. A sort of unconditional love you rarely see. Why are dogs so happy all the time? But why do they live such a short life? Is that because they live long enough to show us how real love is? And that they've done their part in our lives, and it's time for us to share that love with mankind?

We will definitely miss him and won't stop loving him and will treasure his memories for the rest of our lives. He may be gone but not forgotten! Rest in peace little Junior. We'll miss you so much! 
Thank you dear friends for reading. Wishing you all a wonderful week and weekend ahead. 
And to Lesley from UK, thank you for your message. Sorry that I can't see any email address to reply to your message. Take care x

Taken few years ago when Junior was recovering from a skin disease.
Just another lazy day by the verandah 
And always on the lookout for something to chase away.
He used to inspect all the day"s picking.
I missed him following me around the garden.
Look at those beautiful smile. He may look tough but he was actually gentle and love being around people.
Very camera-shy doggie.


  1. My sweet friend, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss - our pets always touch our hearts in a special way. Hugs to you!

  2. Oh Aidi..
    so sorry..what a darling doggie..
    yes hot here and cold there..ha..l
    such a big world..
    Hope your week will be a good one.. hugs,patty

  3. Dear Aida,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved Junior. I know what a great dog he was for you and your family, and I know how much you loved him. Sending love and comfort to you today.


  4. Dear Aida,
    So very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet companion, Junior. I have tears....I just lost a beloved dog in January. I loved your thoughts about how happy dogs are and how short their loving lives are. I do believe you are right about the reasons.......I know your heart aches, but know that you gave your noble friend a wonderful and loving life. Hugs to you xo Karen

  5. Aida Oh, I'm sorry about the passing of Junior. I can imagine what you now feel.
    stay warm
    Cuddle for Woolly

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, Aida.

  7. So sorry for your loss. It's a sad time when we have to say goodbye to our beloved pets, especially one as wonderful as Junior. Take care x

  8. Hi Aidi..
    oh so hard to lose a pet..so sorry...(:(

  9. Dear Aida is so sad..
    I'm so sorry.