Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tea in the garden

Last couple of days we started to finally feel the season of Autumn. Last summer we've had some extreme weather and some record breaking rain and heat waves.  I should not complain as I did enjoy picking our summer crops and setting outdoor tea times. 

We've harvested a bumper crop of cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, beans and tomatillos, we are still enjoying a lot of tomatoes and tomatillos. We've started planting Brassicas and different types of lettuces and some autumn colours. What I like best about autumn is the light, the falling leaves and the cooler weather. Which means I can cook some comforting stews, soups and bake more cakes. Hope you are enjoying the season dear friends, wherever part of the world you may be. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Everything is marvelous to see! Your mushroom teapot is cool!What generous crop!
    All the best Aida!
    Love, Olympia

  2. Hi Aida! Your dog looks very pleased! I have loved your harvest this year. Now it is officially autumn for you and spring for me. We have a bit of snow on the ground. Boo.

  3. Your harvested vegetables look mouthwatering Aida and what about that laughing dog........ Your mushroom teapot is beautiful, just right for the autumn atmosphere. But I'm really glad we are going into spring.

  4. Dear Aida, beautifully showed the beginning of autumn. Vegetables are wonderful. I noticed something in me is called mulberry. When I was a child I ate that much. Now it is less popular. On the table a nice tablecloth and doggy really sweet;-)
    For me, yesterday was the first day of spring .... I'm waiting for storks :-)
    Yours very warm, I wish you a wonderful autumn!

  5. OH Love it all Aida..
    doggy too..such a beautiful uplifting post..:)

  6. hello aida,
    what a wonderful harvest.love the photo of your dog.and your mushroom teapot is amazing!!!
    have a nice time,

  7. There's nothing like home grown tomatoes. The egg plant looks great. I remember my mom cooking egg plant for us for dinner when I was growing up.

    Happy Easter to you, dear Aida.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Hi..
    oh love stews..enjoy :)

  9. Wow, awesome veges. And that pup of yours is darling!

  10. Dear Aida,
    so nice, so cosy:)
    Hugs from France:)

  11. All is so lovely....tea table and crop,so inviting, just makes everyone who visits want to stay all day : )