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Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 3 May 2014

My friend, my sister and me

I am wrapped in a blanket with the heater going while I am writing this post. Brrrr...today has been really windy and chilly. Snow has fallen in the mountains and in some surrounding areas. With the look of things, winter is stepping in without giving Autumn a chance to complete its transition. In our garden, hubby has planted the bulbs, deadheaded the roses, done lots of pruning and some re-planting. I'm so glad that my husband is home and that I can worry less and relax for a while and enjoy some girly time. 

Hello dear friends. Hope you are all well and enjoying some beautiful weather wherever you maybe. Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet and kind messages. Please forgive me for not visiting you often enough. Now that the weather is cooler maybe I have more time to enjoy the indoors.

I hope to join some of these fabulous tea parties

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Today I'm sharing some photos of our afternoon tea at my friend's house. 

I am blessed to share the same passion with my sister and my dearest best friend.

High tea, afternoon tea, tea with family and friends seem to tick all our boxes.

A platter of fruit, cheese, crackers, tier of sweets and cakes are few of the things we share.

My dear Olivia; her wit and wisdom is contagious and random.

My sister and bestie, pour me more tea, s'il vous plait?

I love her garden, a delight of quirkiness.

Overlooking her kitchen window are all sorts of succulents

A collection of pots of different moulds and character

I like checking out every corner and every space

For sure there's always something unique and of my interest

Not playing hide and seek, cheeky garden gnome peeking out for a beak.

And of course she need not worry, whenever she's away she knows that there is someone who is always on a look out, and keeping anything unusual at bay.

Like every gardener, she's prepared to accept any of life's adversities.


  1. You all look so lovely. How wonderful that you share a common interest and get together. Family and friends are treasures!
    Your sister's garden is wonderful and full of things to see.

  2. What a gathering! How fun!
    Bless you and your sister. So dear.

  3. Your sister has such a pretty garden with some fine succulents and the memory plate is so funny. Great to have such a lovely teatime with friends and family, always nice to share time together and have fun.
    Wish you a lovely Sunday!

  4. I watched with pleasure :-) Nice meeting in the beautiful garden.
    I admired the porcelain, which also'm a fan :-)

  5. I forget that you are in fall and heading toward winter.

    What a sweet little party. I am thinking that I want to throw a tea party.

  6. Hello Aida,

    Nothing better than afternoon tea with family and friends and a gorgeous teapot. Love the succulent collection, had to smile at the last photo.

    Happy days.

  7. Oh that plaque is priceless! Thanks for sharing,

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Love your sister's garden and the fact that you have similar interests... I have one sister who is 10 years older and we are opposite of each other. We have no similar interests at all!! You are very lucky!!

    And I adore the sign in the last picture!! One year after having surgery and not being able to get out and cut back the perrenials before Winter, He pulled all of mine out!!! Thought they were weeds!!! UGH!!


  9. A very sweet post, shared with your sweet sister and loving friends. Your friend's garden is very nice - I love all the lovely displays of succulents. The garden sign at the end is perfect - I need one! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Karen

  10. Dear Aida,
    It's so nice that you got together for tea with your sister and friends. You and your sister seem very close. Isn't it fun to go through the different rooms of the people we love? I do the same thing whenever I'm at their houses. We can get ideas from them, and also we get to see all the precious things that are important to them. The sleeping angel is so special, I love her. And all the flowers and figurines make your sister's background a peaceful place to gather. I can't believe you are heading into winter where you live. Here, we are in full spring, and the flowers are blooming all around us.

    Happy Mother's Day, dear Aida.


  11. What a lovely tea your having here! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Hi Aida,

    Well, it looks to me that you are already enjoying some great girly time with your BFF, sister and other sweet gals! I love you tea parties. They are like a fairy tale for female friends, complete with sweets, flowers and non-stop chatter, I bet!

    The sign in the last photo made me chuckle!:))

    Have a wonderful Thursday, my friend and stay cozy!


    1. Sorry, typo: second sentence should read, '...I love YOUR tea parties...'

  13. How fun and what a great group of ladies! Love the patio and that plaque was hilarious!

  14. so impressed with the fotos. , i was watching every single one in awe. you truly are with a creative mind. love reading the summary of our afternoon tea. its alwys the best of time when we three are together. cheers!