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Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Puppy Love

Our dog Junior is 15 years old, and showing signs of old age. Not only has he lost his appetite but he's lost his coordination. Sad to see him very skinny and looking very weak. He only eats when we hand feed him, which none of us mind doing. For he has been a good family pet and did his job as a scary guard dog. Hubby suggested it's time to take him to the vet but my daughter and I are reluctant for we know there is only one way (SAD). My family love all animals great and small, we treat them with kindness and dignity. In return they love us unconditionally. It absolutely breaks my heart when one of them dies of illness or natural death (I know it's a cycle of life). I know some of you can relate to that. 
What happened next wasn't intentional. A Few months back, Greg started looking online for a Border Collie Puppy (not as a replacement for Junior) but he was feeling clucky😊🐶. Lucky for us, there was a litter of 5 Collie cross Kelpie pups to be adopted by the RSPCA. Four were adopted and Woolly was the only one left waiting to be adopted. As soon as we saw his picture on the net, our heart melted. Though it is a 5 hour drive to the New England area from Sydney we didn't mind, for we knew this little creature was waiting for us to meet him and take him home. 

The drive was long but pleasant, stopped a couple of times for dinner and to stretch. 

The following morning, we headed to the Old Bell Tower for breakfast. 

An old church converted into a cafe/gift store.

An eclectic collection of vintage style, antique and old wares gifts.

I opted for the big vege breakfast.

My sweet hubby deserves more than a coffee.

Then we headed to RSPCA. This is Woolly's sister.She was waiting for her adopted parents to pick her up. Woolly is the one on the bed, very shy little puppy.

And here he is....so adorable.

Already fond of each other

My daughter fell in love with him as soon as she saw him.

We stopped to revive and survive in a town called Willow Tree.

Woolly was a little car sick- first long trip for him.

Stopped at Murrundi to check out this pink house turned shop. 

Some homegrown pumpkins and apples was sold along the road.

Collection of over 4,000 salt and pepper shakers are inside that pink house.

I didn't leave empty-handed, found this pair of salt and pepper shakers puppies.

He gets along well with Junior.

Went to meet his cousins-Poppy (the Kelpie x cattle dog and Minou-the cat).

Looking very cosy at home with his squeaky toys.

So soft and cuddly.

He follows me around the garden.

Chilling inside the shed.

Woolly and Daddy. Cute together.

Don't you think he is cute? 


  1. awwwwww.......he is so sweet xxx

  2. Adorable! He looks like my grandpup, Lucy! Thanks for all the darling photos!

  3. I'm a new reader of your blog. In fact I 'found' you quite by accident. I enjoyed the few posts I read, but today I have been unwell, and confined to my daybed. I have spent my time reading through your previous posts, and you wouldn't believe the peace and happiness they have given me. I so loved all your beautiful pics. You are a special person, so thank you. Blessings

    1. Hi Lesley, thank you for your kind visit and leaving the sweetest message. I am so happy to know that you were reading my posts and glad to know that you have enjoyed my photos. I hope to share more photos of my winter garden soon and also of my new shed. Hoping that you are feeling so much better now. I am trying to send you a message but I can't see any email to reply to.
      Take care and have a good week.


  4. Hello Aida,

    I am certain you picked the cutest most photogenic dog from the litter. Gosh seeing all those salt and pepper shakers you were lucky to find a pair you liked. Aren't the older shops so interesting. Have a lovely weekend.


  5. a sweet new addition to help fill your heart as you let go of your loving old pup.

  6. My heart started beating faster reading you were going out for a new pup, certainly for a border/kelpie. I'm fond of all animals but I have a weakness for border collies. Woolly looks so cute and clever, hope that Junior loves her too and they can still spend some time together.

  7. Woolly is so cute! What a lovely addition to the family. Glad to hear Junior loves her too and she settling in well

  8. Whoolly is adorable, Aida. I'm so happy for you that you have a new dog, and I'm sure your family is excited and ready to love him. So sorry to hear about your other dog you've had for many years, and I hope he gets better soon. Dogs can become part of our family very quickly.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Dear Aida, emotional story. I also always experiencing illness or the death of my pet. Unfortunately, I experienced it in January, when foreign dogs bitten by my dog. I admire your sensitivity. You are wonderful people! hugs

  10. I am a new reader to your blog, Aida. I believe I found you through Nanny Kim or through Amanda at Jacarda Cottage? Anyway. I'm so sorry about the loss of your older doggie. Your new one is just precious. Blessing to you, Kathi

  11. I am a new reader to your blog, Aida. I believe I found you through Nanny Kim or through Amanda at Jacarda Cottage? Anyway. I'm so sorry about the loss of your older doggie. Your new one is just precious. Blessing to you, Kathi