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Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Afternoon tea with a bunch of naked ladies!!

I thought the header of my post today would stir up some imagination, or even draw some readers' attention.
This summer, we really had some extreme weather ranging from well below average to reaching the hottest ever recorded in Australia. One of the things that we are accustomed to is weather which can change dramatically in one day, but not usually with such huge changes.

Despite the scorching heat which we've experienced, this naked lady a.k.a. resurrection lily, magic lily, or surprise lily, emerged in the midst of the searing heat, proving just how tough they are.

And it creates the most enticing aroma wafting throughout the house.

My white rambling rose tea set is a Robert Gordon creation, a famous Australian pottery.

Scientific name: Lycoris squamigera is believed to have been originated in Japan or China. It is a herbaceous plant with basal, simple leaves, which are not present when the flowers emerge from the crown. The flowers spring dramatically from the ground in mid to late summer, it usually takes only 4 to 5 days from the first emergence to full bloom. The suddenness is reflected in it's common name.


  1. Oh my, such beautiful flowers and pictures. Lovely tea. Thanks so much for stopping by and for following my blog. I am your newest follower also. Hugs, Marty

  2. Awwww....I'm so happy that I have my first follower! It's a milestone for me as a blogger!! Thank you Marty for stopping by, I look forward to sharing ideas, photos and lots of afternoon teas with you. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh quelles jolie fotos!! J'aime beaucoup !!

    Et votre blog aussi est SUPER et j'aimerai bien devenir votre membre!! Mais je trouve pas vos membres sur votre blog ! :( Mais c'est pas grave je reviendra c'est sur et je vous ajoutera dans " my blog list" sur mon blog comme ça je vouera si vous avait un nouveau message !!

    Et j'espère que vous allée aussi aimer mon blog! Bienvenue sur mon blog !!!! :0)

    Bonne semaine !!

    xxx Maria xxx

  4. Hello,
    I just found you on my follower list and so I discovered your blog. Thank you somuch for following and for the sweet tea time. I will follow you, too.
    Best greetings,

  5. Hello dear Maria,

    merci d'aimer mon courrier, et de m'ajouter sur votre liste de blog. Im encore nouveau à blogging et à essayer toujours d'établir où et comment ajouter quelques choses. Mais Im sûr que je pourrai trouver mon chemin autour de elle (: Im attendant avec intérêt ainsi de partager des blogs avec vous. Ayez un week-end merveilleux. Soyez sûr


  6. Hallo Johanna,

    Guten Tag! Thank you for following my blog and I do love your post too. I'm actually learning German language and your blog helps me a lot coz you have the translation below it (: I learn new words everyday.
    Looking forward to sharing lots of afternoon teas with you.


  7. The flowers in your country are incredible!

  8. Maria, I will be selling a White Rambling Rose Tea set with 2 cups, 2 saucers, 2 creamers, Tea Pot and Sugar Bowl if you are interested please let me know. My asking price for the set will be $1200.00 US. I will be posting them to Etsy and E-bay in the near future. You can reach me at Hbc-abq@live.com if you are interested in the set. I will only sell the set intact.