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Walk and Enjoy
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Tea for Daffodil's Day

Today is Daffodil day.
Daffodil Day is one of Australia’s best known and most popular fundraising events. Each day more than 115 Australians will die of cancer. Daffodil Day raises funds for the Cancer Council to continue its work in cancer research, providing patient support programs and prevention programs for all Australians. Daffodil Day helps grow hope for better treatments and more survivors. To the Cancer Council, the daffodil represents hope for a cancer-free future. (Source: Cancer Council). 
Early last year, one of my cousins was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. It was a bombshell none of us would like to hear. Living in the most remote country town in the Philippines, she refused to travel by boats and buses to get to the mainland for treatment. Relying only on natural remedies and positive attitude with earnest prayers, her health somehow remained stable for a few months. We were very positive and hopeful that she would pull through but last month her frail frame succumbed to this deadly disease. 
Today let's say a prayer for those who are battling with cancer. 


  1. Yes, it's scary how many people die of this is still not tame the disease. I pray.
    Aida, I love your china. I probably already wrote about this:-)
    Jug with a rooster and a set of daffodils is my favorite.
    hugs sends

  2. I'm sorry for your loss, Aida.
    Daffodil Day is a wonderful idea.

  3. It's still a long way to a cancer free future, but let's hope and pray for progress to tame this nasty disease. So nice to see the spring with daffodils on your side, we are going right into autumn now, lots of showers and cold air. Your teaset on the tray looks lovely!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. i like the idea of daffodil day. i am sorry for the loss of your cousin. cancer is a terrible, all-too-common disease.

  5. Dear Aida,

    I am so very sorry to hear about your cousin's fatal fall from her battle with cancer. It is very frightening, indeed, this horrible disease, and hopefully, a cure will be found sooner than later. I will say a special prayer tonight; thank you for posting about Daffodil Day to bring awareness, once again, in the fight for a cancer free world!

    You've set a very pretty table, as always, charming and quaint with a whisper of whimsy! Love that teapot and the daffodils are a cheery delight!

    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on my current post, my friend. You are too kind!!:))

  6. So sorry for your loss, Aida - cancer is a terrible disease and so unfair. We have faced it in our family, too. Daffodil Day is a wonderful way to raise awareness and help search for a cure. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos in honor of this day. A hug xo Karen

  7. Condolences on the loss of your cousin. Your daffodils are a beautiful and useful tribute. Your blog is also beautiful x

  8. I am sorry for your loss. Your photos are gorgeous.

  9. Dear Aida,
    The yellow daffodils are beautiful. How wonderful that Daffodil Day raises funds for this research. I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. I lost my favorite cousin recently, and I still can't believe it. I miss her dearly.

    I will definitely say a prayer for those suffering, and thank you for doing this lovely post honoring Daffodil Day.


  10. Sorry for your loss Aida. Cancer is such a frightening disease that takes so many lives. I really hope that one day cancer research will pay off and we will find a cure. My very kind mother in aw actually bought me some daffodils, they look so pretty and cheerful.

  11. What a nice idea!
    My very best friend was died in december. Last year.:((

    Aida, I wolud like to say:thank you, for your sweet words!

  12. How sad about your cousin. Daffodil Day is an excellent idea and your photos capture them very nicely.

  13. Hello Aida
    What a beautiful post in honour of Daffodil Day.
    Over here last Friday 29th was Daffodil Day.

    I'm so sorry to here your cousin lost her battle with this terrible disease.
    It can't be easy for people who live so far away from hospitals, when it means leaving their families behind, when they need treatment.

    I will remember you both in my prayers, may she rest in peace.

    You have a beautiful blog and I'm now following you.


  14. Hi Aida,

    Such a lovely post you have shared, thank you. The daffodils are so pretty and a sure sign that Spring is down under
    So very sorry to hear about your cousin loosing her battle to the terrible disease.
    Happy weekend

  15. Sorry to hear about your cousin Aida. What a beautiful initiative daffodil day is! Hopefully with the money they collect, they will find a cure for cancer.

    Happy week!

    Madelief x