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Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Birthday to remember

This is a continuation of our trip to Norfolk Island. Though I shared a few photos in Instagram, what I shared wasn't even half of what I took.  As I mentioned before I was privileged to be able to tour the Island with the rest of HTA (History Teachers Association) and their families. I met some wonderful people and was impressed with their knowledge, passion and conviction to share  what they've learned. If I'm half  the person they are I would feel complete. 

I am sharing more photos of the island and also some of our summer harvest at home. Thank you for stopping by.

Please watch out for more Norfolk Island photos in the coming days.

Joining Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration Bernideen for BTTCG , Sherry for Home Sweet Home , Sandi for No place like home

                        At Captain Cook's lookout.

                        Mt Pitt - the highest point in the Island.

         360 degrees view of the island from Mt Pitt

                                        Just meeehh

Norfolk Pine - Captain Cook named the island after the Duchess of Norfolk 

                My sweet hubby - history buff.

This is hundred-acre reserve - home of ginormous fig trees

        Just to prove how big these trees are.

I love a good holiday but home is where my heart belongs

Mr Toad is on look out in my fairy garden

             Relishing our summer harvest

Snake beans, dwarf beans, Malabar spinach, cherry tomatoes, Black Russian tomatoes are the top performers this season. 

I picked the quince fruit a little early from fear of the sulphur-crested cockatoos eating them.

    Made a pavlova for Australia Day.

Used my Australian Pottery Robert Gordon teapot and the teacups are my thrifted finds. 

I picked these pink roses called Penthouse yesterday before the big storm hit.

The teacup is one of my market finds, Ye Olde English Grosvenor.

Meet my friend Freddo-it didnt take long for his hair to grow.

I love to drink hibiscus tea. 


  1. You had a wonderful birthday holiday Aida, but I love your home and especially the beautiful pavlova too.

  2. I am so glad you had a nice birthday, sweet friend. Everything looks lovely and speaking of lovely....you are beautiful! :)

    Hugs to you, dear friend.

  3. How fun! What a cool place, Aida!
    Your harvest encourages my garden heart! That's a super cute photo of you!

  4. I love your tea!! Hope your Birthday was wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. Wow, Aida, those giant fig trees are out of this world! What a gorgeous place you had the pleasure of visiting and learning about. Your flowers, veggies and teatimes always amaze me; what a beautiful pavlova you made! I'm sure it was delicious!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!


  6. Hi Aida..
    cool trees..and island..yummy cake too..
    Our weather
    ...not bad....we have snow sitting on the lawn..but sunny and 50 degrees today..

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  8. I just love all the gardens and the table settings. Being in a warm climate like myself you get very beautiful flowers and veggies. Very nice! One question what is pavlova? It looks very good.

  9. Oh, what a perfectly gorgeous vacation spot! I am wanting to visit there now! I'm glad you had a good Birth Day.