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Walk and Enjoy
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Our garden in Autumn

While the rest of the world is celebrating the bounty of beautiful colours which the season of spring brings, in our veggie garden, crop-rotation is in full blast: out go the summer crops, like cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins, melons, beans and some salad and tropical greens as well as the heat-releasing chilies. And in comes the cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas and all the winter-loving salad greens.

There are 3 Queensland blue pumpkins ready for picking. And the rest will be waiting till the end of Autumn.

This Emperor mandarin has been infested with fruit flies. The photo is a little blurry, I'm only using an iPad, the pix are a little over exposed.

Rockmelon still a while to go before it's ready.

Cherry tomatoes - the last plant still standing.

This bird's eye chilli or bullet is very productive, it produces more chilies than I can pickle and give away.

This is sweet potato vine. May not be known to a lot of people that the leaves of the sweet potato are edible rich in vitamins and minerals. We grow this variety solely for its leaves and not for tubers.

Teeming with fruit

This is kangkong AKA water spinach, great for stir-fry, steamed, in soups or as an accompaniment to any salad greens.

Some overgrown mescaline salad mix.

Bert loves watching the veggie garden day and night. He is a perfect "guard gnome"; scaring away unwanted guests!

Please join me on the verandah for a relaxing Saturday afternoon tea.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend!


  1. What a prolific garden you have!
    Where do you live? I have visited Australia and New Zealand and loved it down under!
    Nice to "meet" you!

    1. Hi Lynn, nice meeting you too. It's good to meet new friends from around the world through blogs. Wow I'm glad you loved your this country down under.

  2. Hi Aida,
    what an abundance on fruits and vegetable has your garden. Have you ever tried to dry those little chillies? Take neddle and thread them on a string. Then you can hang them on a warm and dry place. When already dried, you can easy grind them in a blender. Makes a wonderful spice for food. You have autumn, we have spring. Isn't that amazing that we can share our home each other, while we are living on opposite sides of the world. Have a great day,
    Best greetings, Johanna

    1. Thanks Johanna, that's true. Amazing how the weather are soo extremely on the opposite side of the globe. You just finished winter while we're just coming into it. It's good see what's happening on your neck of woods!

      Wishing you a happy weekend. I'm still working it out on how to join the other bloggers for tea time. I will get there.

  3. Hello Dear Aida!
    Thank you so much for leaving a sweet message, and for following my blog...how very kind of you!
    It is always so fun to meet a new blog friend....and your blog is wonderful...
    Love the name of it! :)
    Isn't fascinating that we are entering opposite seasons? (Although we are still getting snow here)
    Your garden is just beautiful!
    Thank you again, and have a splendid day!
    (I'm following you too...) ;)
    - Irina

    1. Hi Irina, thank you for following my blog too. It's always nice to read comments from friends, it makes my day! Hope you'll have some nice weather soon.

      God bless,


  4. Hello Aida,

    Your autumn garden is coming along very nicely, indeed! I almost had to look twice at your title! I'm not much of a gardener, my husband takes care of all the veggies every season. He planted green peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and green beans this past week; all the summer produce. I take care of my flowers! Your tea cozy is TOO cute!! Love how the Smarties match it! Wish I could join you for a lovely afternoon tea!

    Have a great weekend,


    1. Hi Poppy, thank you for taking time to read my post, and for leaving a comment. I enjoyed touring your kitchen and oh so creative of you. I'm so happy to have found your blog and the other blogs I follow. There are so many talented and creative people out there. And it's good to see wat people are doing on their side of their side of fence.