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Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Op shop finds

We have been lucky the last few days, as the weather has been really sunny and warm.  I can see winter disappearing before my eyes (wishful thinking). Well, technically only seven more weeks to go before spring. 

We have many projects around and inside the house. But with our busy schedule and the unpredictable weather, lots of them have been put off for later.
I took photos of my op shop finds (table clothes), some sneak peaks of our winter garden and the vintage cups and saucers which I purchased from Madelief ( from Rotterdam).
Winter is the time when the flying foxes visit us at night, they feed in the gum trees just above us, gorging on the nectar from the flowers. Their squawking and fighting can go on the whole night. In the morning we are woken by the sound of Rainbow Lorikeets in the native plants outside our window. We utilised our suburban block by creating a balanced scheme of native garden (to attract native wildlife), veggie beds, citrus trees, fruit trees, annuals, bulbs, climbers, succulents, roses and herbs. All our time and hard work has resulted in a most promising and productive organically sustainable garden.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend.

                                         The broccoli is almost ready for picking.

                                                        Purple hyacinth just peeking through

           Not quite spring but this daffodil is giving me a taste of how spring will be like.

                    Enjoying an afternoon tea with a carrot cake and salted caramel ice cream

             The vintage cups and saucers which I purchased from Madelief. Such treasures!

                       One of my op shop finds-knitted wool tea cosy with butterflies  

              Round tablecloth also an op shop find, perfect for my two-seater outdoor setting

                               An old pot from charity shop-perfect for this cyclamen

         I've collected some tomato sauce tins, ready to be spray-painted and use as planters.

                     I love this tablecloth, perfect for our kitchen table, also an op shop find.            

                                  I displayed some colourful tea set to bringten up an empty space.

                                                           A present from my dearest daughter 

                                              A newly installed shelves from IKEA

                                     A beautiful surprise from my dearest hubby


  1. Oh my goodness, so much beauty here, starting from the blooming broccoli!The flowers are soo pretty and your tea setting is stunning! I love ALL your china and the tea goodies have me swooning! The tablecloth is gorgeous too, my fav kind! I was just lucky to find two lovely ones on sale too...I will post tables with them soon. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit, my friend. Big hugs,

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I always love visiting you too. So many inspiring posts and happenings. I feel so blessed.

      Take care

  2. Hi Aida,

    Wow! You've been quite busy with growing a garden, building a bookcase, baking delicious cakes! And here I thought, winter time...must be quiet over there in Oz! So fabulous to see all your lovely activities. Love the rooster teapot and wouldn't it be grand to sit in your garden and enjoy that scrumptious carrot cake tea.

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


    1. Thank you Poppy for stopping by. Yes I tried to utilise my spare time ( if I can).

      God bless you my friend

  3. Lots of delightful goodies in this beautiful post! Imagine having fruit bats and lorikeets - how wonderful! Well, maybe not so wonderful, but still exciting. He he. Love all your teacups and teapots and table cloths and your garden looks like it is coming along beautifully. I love broccoli - my favorite veggie. The bookshelves are something I am very jealous of - can you have too many books? I don't think so. Thank you for the tour and tea- everything is lovely. xo

    1. Thank you Karen. I really appreciate you visiting and leaving a comment. It makes my day. If so blessed to have found new friends.

      Wishing you a happy weekend.

  4. I came back again to tell you...OF COURSE YOU CAN BE MY OTHER PHILLIPPINO FRIEND, HOW WONDERFUL! This post is gorgeous, there's so much to see here, wow! Awesome tour too! Thanks for visiting me, honey. The teaset from your country it's because they make special things for this 'particular store here,' so that's why, maybe you can't find them there on sale, who knows! Big hugs,

    1. Hello my dear Fabby, thank you. You are so sweet and kind, im so delighted and happy to be part of your circle.

      Hope you have a good weekend my dear friend.

      Hugs from me

  5. The thing I like about blogging is that unexpected visitors turn up at your blog and then you get to visit them and find someone in a refreshingly different part of the world who brightens the day - that's you today! Thank you for visiting me - I really enjoyed browsing through your blog and seeing a little of your world - not the least the beautiful china you collect! Betty

  6. Just noticed the cups on your blog! They look lovely on your table Ira! Such a sweet looking table cloth too. Happy the cups arrived all in one piece!

    Madelief x