Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

On The Roost

A blanket of clouds slowly gathered above, with gentle thunder rattling across the sky. The most anticipated rain has come after four long months of waiting. I love the sound of the rain trickling down the roof, the freshness and coolness in the air it brings. Getting motivated to do some housework on a rainy day eludes me, instead I avert my attention to cooking; I find chopping, crushing, grating very therapeutic and relaxing. The aroma of fresh veggies roasting, the mouth-watering crisp chicken baking away in the oven sends my appetite into overdrive. My kitchen is my little haven, where I can create and express my culinary imagination.

          A good book in my hand and a cup of tea, just few of the things I like to do on a    rainy day

                                  Sharing some of my roses: Full Sail and Mr Lincoln

                     Ready for roasting-potatoes, carrots, beetroot smothered in lemon squeeze, olive oil and thyme. Perfect accompaniment for my roasted chook

                                And voila! Perfectly baked veggies!


                                         Watching the rain from our Verandah-

                                               Or simply chilling on a sofa

                          Contemplating what to do next....learn to crochet perhaps??


 Marvel at what three days of rain can do.

         A bounteous veggie patch brings happiness and a great reward to those who are  deserving

    Our sleepy pond is overflowing to the rim. Watch out for the little boy whose tackle is lost in the stream.