Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Foretaste of Spring

Hello dear friends, we have been experiencing some beautiful weather this month, weather evocative of spring. On that note, I am sharing some happy snaps of our garden. And as always, a weekend is not complete without finishing my day with a cup of tea, with my apple and rhubarb cake. I would like to wish you all a happy and safe weekend. I am trying to get out of my once-a-month post habit (what a lazy blogger I am). In saying this I am absolutely disappointed with myself. I can't promise anything but this will be a challenge for me this month. Thank you for visiting and leaving your thoughtful messages. Im linking to Rooted in Thyme for Simple and sweet Friday,

When I'm down and weary from all sort of drudgery, I find myself searching in nature's beauty

Walking around the garden, I see signs of the new season approaching

                Pure and delicate, this snow drops look so exquisite

                  Vivid, bright, expressive...they are all over the place.

Rain has been elusive during this season of crispness but I made sure these bulbs got some real care.

                                         More bulbs are shooting up

                         These jonquils like to display in a clump

Like these pansies, they don't mind sharing their dormitory with bulbs, ranunculus and self-sown snapdragons. 

                                  This little cherub helps my garden to thrive.


Even these edible Chinese chrysanthemums are shooting for the stars.

             Grape hyacinths, can't believe how tiny they are

                       Edible garden beds are top performers

                               My garden friend; patiently waiting for some rain

The first strawberry of the season

                           Potting, puttering....a daffodil and hyacinths


  1. Spring is definitely in the air at your place, so strange to see flowering daffodils while we are going into autumn. Your china looks lovely and the rhubarb cake delicious.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Dear Aida,

    So lovely to see a new post from you! I've missed your pretty flowers and your charming tea parties that you spoil us with! Oh, what hard working blooms you have in your garden; they want to please you so much and they are trying their very best to be on their moar beautiful behaviour! How adorable is that single, sweet strawberry!! I hope you get to enjoy some more of these juicy fruits in the weeks to come. Thank you for sharing all your gorgeous eye candy, and wishing you a fresh and fabulous spring!


  3. Oh dear Aida, how I love your posts. Your garden is magical with all the different colors. I love the yellow flowers and the bright pink potted ones. Your apple and rhubarb cake looks delicious, and I wish I had a piece to go with my tea right now. The tea cups and the little golden rose spoon are so lovely.

    I hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer, dear friend, and thank you for your anniversary wishes today. It means so much to me.


  4. Your flowers are beautiful. We are soon going to be into Fall, but in So CA Fall can be very warm for us. Your apple and rhubarb cake look wonderful and I wish I had some right now, as I can't sleep.
    Have a great week.

  5. Hi Aida! Your garden is blooming with beauty! Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos.
    I bet you are ready for the sweet sunshine of Australia. Have a wonderful week!

  6. Aida, your garden is lovely in the spring. Nice to look at him, because most of your flowers blooming in my garden:-)
    Oh, how I love spring:-)
    I have the feeling as if you lived near me:-)
    Your teaspoons of roses are stunning. Is it antique?

  7. Hello Aida,
    it's just amaizng, that you have the spring. We are waiting for automn...
    How i love your china!
    Hugs from France:)

  8. I have some serious garden envy, Aida! All your bulbs are flowering along nicely and you're growing broccoli! The cake looks delicious by the way

  9. Hi there! Your blog is just beautiful. I really love all the pretty flowers. Love the rhubarb bread, too. I'm growing it for the first time this year. We love our tea, also. Looking forward more lovely posts. Have a great evening.

  10. What a beautiful post, filled with so much beauty in every form!!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave such a sweet comment!! We are heading into Fall soon and that is my favorite time of year.....