Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Out in the bush

It's November, one more month before summer begins but as always summer seems to start earlier than expected. Well, Australian weather has its way of coming and going in an unexpected manner.  Anyhow, I had an outrageous 2 weeks at work. Lots of changes happened, few friends lost their jobs,  changes in my role, training for the new role etc etc....

But the good thing is my holiday is drawing nearer and nearer.  Yippee

Thank you dear friends for stopping and taking time to leave your lovely messages.

I am joining Trishie for Floral Friday, Benideen for Friends sharing tea, Sandi for Tea Cup Tuesday, Rooted in Thyme for Simple and Sweet Friday, Martha for Tea cup Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago (before the warm weather arrived), we had a chance to go bush walking.

First, I am sharing my tea time under the pergola

I am trying this ginger and lemongrass tea from T2. Refreshing and soothing, the infused aroma of both blends evokes fond memories of my mother's cooking. With freshly picked ingredients from the garden.

The ranunculus this year were prolific, I was able to cut some for the vase, and leave some on the plant. 

I love having tea under the pergola. 

We started our trek from Cowan station, an hour north of Sydney.

The bushwalking team; Janelle, Lyndall and my sweet hubby Greg.

Looking at the trail, doesn't seem daunting at all.

Saw a few of these enormous trees.

Skink by the billabong, loving the micro-climate surrounding.

We were approaching Jerusalem bay, the water was emerald green.

We were not expecting too much company

The water was calling, we can't resist the urge...

For it was very tempting...

So I took  my walking shoes off and started to dip my feet.

Ahhh... What a pleasant sensation to soak my tiresome feet even only for few minutes.

This is my idea of a selfie, concealed by a hat and a pair of sunnies.

Kids were jumping with glee, as they plunged their bodies in emerald-green of Jerusalem Bay.

The water glistened as the sun hit its surface

Soon, I have to climb back to start heading towards the clearing of this 2.5 Km section of the Great North walk.

During our walk I found lots of native bushes and shrubs with some unique and interesting blooms which I will be sharing on my return. Hope to see you soon.