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Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Winter Garden

This year's winter is quite colder than last year's. Not that I am complaining, I don't mind the cold, thinking solely of the benefit it could do to our winter veggies and the yield of apples at the end of the season.

Hello dear friends, life has been busy in our neck of the woods. I'm posting some snapshots of our winter harvest and tea in my she-shed. 
Wishing you all a wonderful week.

I am joining Sandi for Tea Time, Bernideen for Tea in the Garden

I am still in the process of decorating my garden shed. My dear hubby peeking in. 

I always look forward to coming home, and take advantage of the remaining daylight. 

I bought this tea pot at T2 when it was on sale at $15

A good harvest of cumquat, I made two jars of marmalade. 

Our first broccoli this year.

Some snow peas, nasturtium flowers, rocket, parsley and Chinese spinach.

Snow peas are showing no sign of slowing down, it keeps on flowering.

Peeking inside a cauliflower. 

Broccolini is abundant.

Jonquils wafting through the garden.

Daffodils brighten up my window.

Time for shelfie

Another broccoli head. 

Lots of greens to pick from the garden.

And finally I was able to paint the door of my garden shed. 


  1. Your shed looks amazing and I love the crockery - so cheery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Aida, your yellow tea pot is so pretty. Broccoli and cauliflower, wow! So many good veggies growing in your garden. Husband planted some tomatoes, bell peppers and onions, but the only thing we've seen yet are the tomatoes. Do you know that I've never had a cumquat befor?. How nice that you made two jars of marmalade. And that red door, I love it! I always enjoy your posts, Aida. They are so delightful to me. It's funny that it's winter there, and end of the summer here.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. I always finds great joy when I visit you, sweet Aida :) Your post is simply lovely and oh-so-colorful. Love and hugs to you!

  4. Aida:
    I love your beautiful teapot set in yellow. I see another pretty one in another photo too. Your garden and your shed are wonderful. I think you have a great harvest coming in!

  5. Great post Aida, your ´she-shed' looks so colourful with outside the red door and inside your lovely decorations, especially the yellow teapot is a treasure. Your hubby's face speaks volumes, he loves how you are happy decorating in your shed.

  6. That's funny! Shelfie! Your garden produced beautiful bounty! Well done, Aida!

  7. I'm like you Aida, I don't mind the cold. Your veggies look fabulous xxxx

  8. she-shed - very cute! nice blooms!

  9. I found your blog thru Bernideen and can't quit looking.
    Such beautiful photos. Would love to see more of
    your "she-shed." I'm planning one myself. The shed
    is already here but I need to build a smaller one so that
    I can clean out the bigger one. Love yours, Julia in SC

  10. Hi Aida,

    Well, you've been busy! How pretty your she shed is; love the red and green touches, and of course, all the sweet flowers accenting it! Your veggies look scrumptiously healthy, and those teapots are TOO cute! How lovely it must be to sit a spell and enjoy the fruits of your labour with your family and friends. Enjoy the last of winter, for your spring will soon be there!


  11. Hello Aida! What a delightful little she-shed you have! It must be so wonderful to escape there for time to yourself! How pretty are your poppies in your beautiful glass vase and your collection of teapots is wonderful. I love the 'shelfie' photo - so cute! Your garden has rewarded all your hard work with some delicious looking offerings. It is always so nice to come and visit - you always inspire! A hug for you - Karen xo

  12. Aida, You have a beautiful winter. I envy .It makes me sad whenever storks fly away, because I know that for a moment it will be cold, rainy, windy. Oh, I have to find the good in this, our autumn ....
    I love your shed! and porcelain :-)
    I've never eaten kumquat marmalade. Must be delicious

  13. Dear Aida,
    what a amazing china!
    Love you pictures:))
    Hugs from France:)

  14. Hello dear Aida...
    So good to be back visiting you!
    Your special space is so lovely and charming... :) What a cosy hideaway for tea and thinking.
    I just caught up with some of your posts, and I'm terribly sorry about your sweet pup. Big hugs to you, dear friend.
    Your new little darling, Woolly, helps transfer the sadness into care and love for him, I imagine.
    Bless you, friend...
    - Irina

  15. What an enjoyable tour of such beauty at your place called home. An abundance of green, flowers, fine china and collectables and ohh that perfect she shed when you want a space just to yourself!!! Love it girl, thanks for sharing and letting us in to your amazing world!!!!