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Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tulip Festival

It was only the second day of its show, when we headed down to the Southern Highlands to visit this yearly event which showcases tulips of various kinds. With the climate so unpredictable, I was more worried than excited to see if they had thrived. Spring this year has been really warm, with September 2013 the warmest on record.
Spring is the most anticipated and appreciated season of the year in the Southern Highlands as the local community prepares for one of the most spectacular display of tulips in Corbett Garden in the centre of Bowral. As you may have already noticed I love visiting open gardens and flower festivals. My hay fever isn't a deterrent, in my urge to follow the calling of surging pollens in my quest for the beauty of nature.

I thought by the time I shared this post, spring would be over, Considering how busy I was the last couple of weeks. As much as I would like to blog, time seems so elusive and scarce in my hands. But during my little break, lots of things have been achieved. I'm hoping to share some photos of our garden soon; the veggies are now taking shape, roses are in the midst of a colourful display, natives are in bloom and fruits trees teeming with buds, a sign of abundance coming our way.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend and thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comments. I promise to visit soon.


  1. Hi Aida,

    I am ready to burst out of my cold, autumnal- chilled skin! First, you dazzle us with fields of pretty poppies and NOW you sweetly shock us with rows and rows of gorgeous tulips!! So, if you've been busy snapping pics like this, don't apologize - it's all to our advantage!

    Beautiful photos! Love the ones with the clusters of different coloured tulips all cuddled next to one another, almost like they're snuggling together against the breeze!

    Happy Thursday!


  2. Your Tulip Festival looks like the Keukenhof (Kitchenhof) in The Netherlands. I see you have lots of beautiful tulips Down Under too. I enjoyed your beautiful pictures of the different types. You will be very busy in the garden, it is spring on your side. Here autumn has arrived with still a lot of beautiful days, but the garden will fall asleep the coming months, do do I, haha.

  3. Aida,
    What beautiful tulips. I especially like the pink and red ones. I would love to go to a tulip festival - how fun! And you are getting so talented with the camera, my friend.

    Have a sweet day.


  4. Dear Aida,
    What beautiful and colorful photos of the pretty tulips! I love those pale pink double ones. Springtime is such a lovely season. We have fall colors just starting, but my pansies are still blooming. Enjoy your weekend and I am looking forward to your garden photos.
    Karen xo

  5. Hi Aida! Oh, the tulips are gorgeous! You take such wonderful photos!

  6. Hi Aida,
    its strange for me to see all these beautiful tulips in September. Our garden year ends and you have spring now. Amazing. The tulips are all wonderful, aren't they? All the different colors and shapes and scent in the air. Thank you for sharing this spring delight.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. It's so nice to see spring flowers from your side of the world as our temperatures get colder over here. I love fall and what we're experiencing but spring is my 2nd favorite time of year!

  8. Oh my Word, these images from your neck of the Woods look like 'flower heaven!? Stunning flowers and wonderful Spring. Our weather around here is like Spring all year round, so it's great, although it's raining now, for which I'm glad, we need it, plus very sunny days too! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit, I'm so happy you liked my modern pendant lamp. Big hugs,

  9. wow! good photography! i enjoy your pictures so much, its so magical just by looking at it. I will never get tired of reading and looking at your work. so much effort was put into it. thank you for sharing.