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Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Spring into Sumer

It has been over a week since the bush fires started, with over 200 homes now reduced to ashes, plus over a hundred damaged, and thousands and thousands acres of bushland destroyed. Watching from a distance all we could do is pray earnestly and hope that some divine intervention would get in the way. I am moved by what I saw through the media, of how the community of the upper and lower mountains supported each other. My heart goes out to those who have been affected and lost their properties and livelihood. We salute the RFS (Rural Fire Service), SES (State Emergency Services), and all volunteers for working relentlessly to save, protect and prevent more damage. The worse is far from over with 66 fires still burning and more than 20 still uncontainable around NSW. And today a tragedy happened; a life was lost when a water-bombing plane crashed in rugged bushland. Our deepest sympathy to his family and to the whole community of firefighters. I would like to ask my friends and readers to please say a prayer for our volunteers and firefighters and for these ferocious fires to be over soon.

I'm sharing some photos of our garden which were taken early last week, just before Sydney was blanketed by smoke and ash. Hope it will bring some comfort and solace to our weary souls.

Thank you dear friends for visiting and for your thoughtful comments.

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                                                          My first foxglove this season.               

                                 Mandavella and an old man's whiskers.

                                                 Tiny apple fruit

                            My little bunny rabbit- sheltering between Dianella grass and Guaras.

        I tried to fill this little bird bath with water, a little help for our local feathered friends.

                            I picked some leeks, beetroot and cauliflower from our vegie bed.

                                A native bee, hovering around the apple blossoms

                                                      Sweet, tasty succulent mulberries.

                                             Pigeon peas are teeming with pods.

                              Peeling them was hard work but it was all worthwhile.

                                         Tropical sunset- I love the its yellow-speckled petals.

                               Full sail- wafts aromatic breeze around the garden.

                       I love Mr Lincoln, its scent  brings joy and restores a weary heart.

                        A little droplets of rain helps this little crocus come out to greet the sun.

                                         Perhaps this garden fairy swish her magic wand.


  1. Aaahhh Aida, the red rose made my heart sing, along with the other pretty roses and their unique colors. Your garden is looking very nice. It's funny that it is turning summer where you're at, as we are in full Autumn here. I wonder how those mulberries taste, they look so good? The garden fairy made me smile. Did you know that I LOVE FAIRIES?? They always seem to brighten my day.

    Have a nice weekend, dear.


  2. Yes we learned here too of the bushfires in NSW, it is terrible all those people who have lost their houses, let us hope they get it under control as soon as possible. I enjoyed your garden pictures, especially the roses, Mr. Lincoln is a beauty, but you also have a lot of tasty looking vegetables.
    Wish you a good weekend!

  3. Oh dear, yes, you have all been on my mind and I will certainly join you in praying for everyone affected, and for a quick and safe end to the fires. Thank you for your beautiful pictures - nature is both wonderful and terrifying... God bless you all.

  4. My dear friend,

    I am so saddened to hear about those fierce fires that have done so much irrevocable damage to people's homes and livelihoods! Thank goodness your local authorities, fire brigade and volunteers have been on the scene battling to the best of their abilities. I sincerely wish that they are put out as quickly as possible and that further threat is cut short.

    On a happier note, your garden is blooming beauties, both edible and non. What glorious, bold colours in your flowers, your fruit is bursting with juice and your veggies are robust. That fairy sure knows how to wave that wand!

    Sending prayers,


  5. Oh dear - not fires! We had fires here last summer and this summer with many homes loss. Our city too was full of smoke. I am so sorry. Also for all the people displaced and without homes.
    Your post and garden is just beautiful. The linky takes a while to show up. So glad you linked!

  6. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the devastation. Such a terrible disaster. We have been watching on the news and praying.... We are no stranger to wildfires here in the American West. So many brave firefighters and helpful people - true heroes! So sad about the life lost. Praying things get better soon.
    Your gardens are so lovely. I especially love the roses. We have foxglove here growing wild. So nice to see the spring gardens. Here we are in our autumn glory and it is getting colder. Hope you have a nice weekend. xo

  7. It is sad to hear of the devastating fires burning there. I have seen it on the Weather Network and my heart goes out to all who are affected by it. Your flowers are so beautiful! The red rose is gorgeous! I love springtime. It's my favourite time of year really. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and do stay safe, my friend!


  8. I am so sorry to hear of the fires, dear Aida. My prayers are going out to everyone.

    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous, and the veggies are fantastic....what a blessing!
    Take care, sweet friend....enjoy the bounty! :)
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  9. Dear Aida,
    Thank you for your comments, they always make my day. I'm thinking of all these people affected by the fire, and may God be with them during this difficult time.

    Have a beautiful week.


    ps.....that red rose does something to me every time I see it. :~)

  10. Oh my Lord, prayers are going that way, fire is the most devastating thing around...actually one of the worst! How sad my friend.
    Look at your roses Aida, they're just as gorgeous as my Bil's profesional rose farm's! Your garden is lovely, enjoy it while you can.
    Thank you for your sweet and kind visit and yes, the little pumpkin in the middle of the cake is real, a firend gave me a few from her orchard. Kepp safe sweetie.

  11. Still sending prayers, dear Aida....and also to those in the Philippines...my goodness....it's so hard to wrap our brains around these natural disasters.
    I thank you so much for visiting me, sweet friend.....I am truly wanting to get back to a more regular blogging schedule...miss my blog friends! :)
    And is that your sweet kitty cat in your new profile photo? So cute.....
    Much love to you,
    - Irina