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Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Just a quick hello

A quick update with what has been happening in my garden in the last couple of weeks. We have been blessed with continuous rain and the garden is blissfully rewarding us with so much produce. Summer crops have been replaced with cooler weather veggies. I have a stack of books lined up which I planned to read, fortunately I'm about to start my third. I'm trying to spend less time on the web and more on getting my hands dirty. But I can't let a good photo-moment get away as I go my merry way.  Below are some of the shots I have handy. 

Thank you dear friends for visiting and leaving your kind and sweet comments. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead.  

Citrus or orchard butterfly sheltering under the pergola.

Roses in abundance

There are things in life which are hard to live without, tea, flowers and books are a few of them.

I'm happy picking and filling my basket with these goodies.

Pale-pink rose, snapped of its branch looking radiant against the tradescantia and catmint.

Our driveway is lined with these yellow daisies.

Surprise-surprise this foxglove continues to delight

I believe that in every drop of rain, out comes a beautiful bloom.

Hubby celebrated his birthday, and I was inspired to decorate this store-bought sponge gateau choc cake.

Since he was tiny, this blue tongue lizard has been a constant visitor to our property

Mandevilla or commonly called sun parasol, is a climber which trails along the deck. Perfect for spiders to create their little homes.

Australia has variety of native flowering plants, and this Grevillea Superb is one of them. Native parrots and birds alike feed on their nectar.

This Calamondin is teeming with little round golden fruits, I picked some before they all fall to the ground as they can get water logged.

An Emperor mandarin, plump, sweet and juicy. Prolific yet susceptible to fruit flies. We are lucky to yield a dozen a year.

Can't help but be happy, as I keep watching of these apple trees, fecund and abundant with fruit for my tart tatin recipe. 

Red Shahtoot mulberry- might look a little hairy and creepy but its sweetness tops every berry in the scenery.

I've searched and searched from far and near and at long last I found the perfect Vintage French Roses Toile fabric to re-cover my gold leaf-plated lamp.

And as always, my hands are full and preoccupied but I dare not forget my love of flowers and share them with friends whenever possible.

Well, my friends I'm signing off for now, as I go and search for that next book. But I will be back soon to update you with what's happening in my nook.

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  1. Oh, my! Your flowers and fruits amaze me. We had 4 days of rain in late February and that is it. My garden is suffering because of drought restrictions.

    My favorite is that long skinny berry.

  2. Many interesting and different plants in your part of the world. The added decor to your hubby's cake makes it look appealing, and I like the fabric you found for your lamp.

  3. Hi Aida,

    A lovely photo of you!! Happy birthday to your husband! Your vegetable crop looks really good. Hope mine will look like that in autumn! Love the new fabric on your lamp!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  4. You live in such a wonderful place! The birds, the butterflies, and the flowers are so rich with life. I even like the photo of the lizard. I love God's creation as it is in such abundance and is so amazing with its curiosities and diversity. And the fruit which fits in the palm of our hand, just the right amount and size for us to eat! We are truly blessed upon this earth. Thank you for posting all of the beautiful pictures.

    XO and blessings to you also, my friend

    Yes! If you ever make it to California you would immensely enjoy the Rose Bowl Flea market in Pasadena, and 'The Last Bookstore' in Los Angeles. I totally 'lost' myself in both places!


  5. Your flowers and all your blooms are making your place a Paradise, I love it! Beautiful shots too. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Have a lovely spring week ahead.

  6. Your posts always bring a smile to my face, Aida. Your flower pictures are so beautiful. And your husband's chocolate cake looks delicious. Happy Birthday to him. What a charming picture of the tea cup, pink roses, and book......some of my favorite things. That red lamp shade is so unique - I love it!

    It's always a delight coming over here and seeing what's going on in your world. The lizard picture is so cute hehehe.

    Have a peaceful weekend, dear Aida.


  7. Dear Aida,

    I am so overjoyed to see the fruits of your labour! How beautiful everything is that you apply your talent to! From all the pretty and robust flowers to your fresh veggies and fruits, your garden has bloomed with prosperity and a wealth of edible, as well as aesthetic goodness! Your new lamp shade redo is adorable and you, yourself, look positively radiant, as always!

    Wishing you a wonderful week, sweetie, and thanks for sharing your latest news and views!


  8. I love the lampshade! It's so cheery! You have an abundance of wonderful produce. Yum!

  9. Dear Aida,
    Your posts are always so inspiring and filled with nature's beauty and abundance! I love your new lampshade and admire your beautiful gardens. The mulberry and native wildflower are truly amazing. Everything you do is filled with beauty. Thank you for sharing your lovely world. Hugs xo Karen

  10. Hello Aida,
    I feel just like you, now that the weather is so good, I only want to be outdoors : )
    Your gardens are totally amazing! You must work very hard to keep it all so well cared for. The mulberry looks great to me! They are so tasty! I think the fabric you chose for your special lamp is perfect! It looks stunning!
    I can hear the joy in your post, I am delighted for you!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful flowers! Just looking at the pictures makes me want to get outside and get some flowers out now that the weather is getting warmer. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my post about Why I returned to Blogging!! It is because of people like you that i came back and will continue to share my simple little life!!

    What a lovely post, filled with so much beauty including your sweet self!!


  13. Glad I spotted your blog! Lovely photos to browse through, thank you for sharing a little of your corner of the world and God Bless,