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Walk and Enjoy
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Solitary Musings

Hello dear friends, what are your plans for the upcoming Easter week? Have you got anything special planned? A holiday perhaps or maybe that long-awaited long weekend break? 

Well, for me, we usually gather for a backyard barbecue at home or at my in-laws or sometimes hubby and I would go for a weekend away somewhere in the country. This year I'm totally on my own. No husband or daughter to spend my Easter long weekend with. My daughter is studying and working as a casual teacher in Sweden and hubby is on a European history tour with his year 11 -12 students for 3 weeks. The thought of my husband being away brought some anxieties. Lots  of things to take on; the garden, chickens, birds, the dog on top of my demanding job. One week on, I realised that being alone wasn't that scary after all. In fact, I am using this as a breathing space to reflect on my spiritual journey and solitary thinking. I managed the household without too much drama and enjoy some tea time alone. I have been experimenting and testing my ability in baking and cooking(with my dog as critic) playing with the ingredients which are readily available from our garden. 

Thank you dear friends for visiting and I really appreciate all your sweet messages. Wishing you all a happy and safe week. 

Mr Lincoln and some African Daisies.

One of my op-shop finds; Royal Swan Flamingo cup and saucer, made in England.

An addition to my tea pot collection; Maxwell and William Kimono

Two cups of flour, some butter, a couple of fresh eggs, three overripe bananas, our home grown apples, sprinkle of sugar and a pinch of care. Equals a delectable tea cake.

Dainty teaspoon, almost out of grip but its message makes my heart leap.

An old silver knife and fork with a handle made of ivory, a little rusty but retained its intricate beauty.

All that chopping, peeling and whisking,  were all worthwhile. As I was rewarded with this another perfectly baked banana, peach and apple tea cake.

A little bit of modification and some common sense, to create something so simple yet so delightful.

Nature has its way of showing appreciation after the rain,  the vine of Panama Red passionfruit is teeming with golden green succulent treasure.

Some blemish-free banana peppers, not so sweet, not so fiery. Rich in vitamin C, full of flavour specially when stuffed when herbs and something cheesy.

Birds eye chillies, please don't underestimate, they make look tiny but once tasted, its intensity could last for days.

Yellow pear tomatoes, must be the last crop of the season. As the weather is now cooling down, as we go deeper in Autumn.

Rosemary, Basil, parsley and thyme. I've gathered them for drying, in preparation for colder months.

Recycled olive oil tin, it matches the table cloth I purchased from a vintage store in Amsterdam.

My rose garden never cease to amaze me, as they continue to offer the best of their ability.

All living things great and small, if only we stop and look closer.


  1. Your photos yielded a few clues: you like roses, you own a set of IKEA tins (or at least one tin of a set of three), you like Polish pottery and your garden yields a fantastic crop! Sadly we live so close to the rain forest (and the island's soil is so poor!) such a bounty would be miraculous! Never mind the deer which roam the whole island!
    Thanks for sharing (and I like your tea cake. Must try once I go off island and purchase peaches and apples though...)

  2. Dear Aida,

    Anyone surrounded by such stunning blooms, hearty fare, a cute food critic and a zillion chores, would never have the time or need to feel lonely! I imagine you in constant activity, whether it's tending to your beautiful garden, cooking up a storm, baking batches of delicious sweets, or sitting quietly with your favourite cup du jour, in your backyard, happy and satisfied to have accomplished your 'quota' for the day!

    How adorable is that olive oil tin for your pretty bouquets?! It is the perfect complement for your Dutch tablecloth, indeed! Your flowers always look so well groomed, a sign of a ton of TLC, for sure! Wish I could have shared some of that gorgeous tea cake you prepared!

    Wishing you a happy Easter!


  3. What a beautiful post!! The blooms and teascape are lovely!!

    I , personally, enjoy solitude ........ Raised as an only child since my sister was 10 years older than me and married when i was 10 y/o, I am used to being alone and entertaining myself. You may wish your hubby goes away more often....Lol!


  4. Dear Aida,
    I think we all need alone time to reflect and do the things we love to do. This time will be great for you, I'm sure. Your banana, peach, and apple tea cake looks so yummy. Sometimes I make banana bread and I don't put any sugar in because the bananas make it sweet enough, and at times I will add a few chocolate chips. Your tea spoon is so pretty. I love old pieces like that. The roses from your garden always make me smile. I just saw a bunch of pink roses on the side of the road today, and had to stop and take a picture of them.

    I love the African daisies, and have never seen these before. It is always a pleasure visiting here and seeing what's happening in your world. Happy Easter to you, dear Aida.


  5. Beautiful images Ida! I enjoyed seeing your flowers and the crop from your garden! It looks really good. I hope you will have peace and quiet and time for medidation with Easter.

    Take care!

    Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  6. Hello Aida,

    I have just come across your blog. Beautiful photo's of your garden, enjoy your Easter.

    Happy days.

  7. Such loveliness, Ida - the flowers, the tea table, the bounty from your gardens....and that tea cake looks so delicious! My husband travels frequently for business and it does take a certain fortitude at first, but then you settle in and find a quiet rhythm. Our canine companions are so appreciated at times like this! Wishing you a lovely time of solitude and reflection. Hugs xo Karen

  8. It looks like you are taking care of yourself quite well.

    I loved the first week when my husband was on a business trip - doing things I wanted on my schedule, but by the second week, I was ready for someone else to be in the house with me.

    We are off today to our state capital for an Easter celebration with family.

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting me.I'm your newest follower too, there is so much beauty in your blog!
    Happy Easter!

  10. Wonderful roses Aida and your new rose cup and saucer is lovely. I see you spent your time without your husband very well, your bakings are mouthwatering. Wish you a Happy Easter!

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