Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Spring into action

II don't really want to keep repeating myself but I just want to point it out that spring really is my favourite season of the year. The sun lingers a little longer, the air is neither too crisp or hot, the sweet-scent of blooms filters through the ever gentle breeze. With my watchful eyes, I see birds swooping here and there preparing for that long-awaited time of nesting. Even people are out and about for a leisurely walk, just enjoying the soft-kiss of the sun on their skins.

As for my hubby, it's time to start the projects which have been put on hold during the winter time. And for me, I am still on a mission to lose those extra kilos I put on since our last holidays. 

Hello friends hoping you are enjoying the season wherever you may be. Thank you for your kind visit and sweet thoughtful comments.

Calla lily, happily giving a lasting beauty.

I will miss the sweet scent of these narcissus.

Snapdragons and primulas imbued in pink and burnt orange

Even our lovely hens are happy to be out and about.

Laying more eggs than we can eat.

The African Daisy can be unruly, so be mindful and keep them in check

The sheer joy of spring, appeasing, salving, soothing...

Even this orchid displays its first prettiest, thriving despite neglect.

Tim is just as happy as this daisy.

A ready to pick cabbage outsmarts the slugs and snails, for its blemish-free outer layer is a testament to hardworking winter greens.

This ranunculus is layered with delicate petals, deep and mysterious .

So much to see and enjoy in the outdoors

Regardless of how you spend your day, reading a book or a cup of tea

Tea for one and a magazine in hand


  1. Hello Aida,

    Happy Springtime to you, isn't it just so lovely. I just want to breath it all in. Lovely shots of your flowers and your chooks are loving their food. I really enjoyed the Tea Chest book, I will take note of your other Tea related books and order from the library.
    Have a wonderful week.

    Happy days.

  2. Thanks Bev. Enjoy your weekend.


  3. Spring HAS certainly sprung into action in your beautiful world, my friend! Is this pretty header of the tulips new, it's breathtaking! Aida, your photos are always so cozy, whatever the season, and today's are no exception! Oh, how refreshing it all is: your new blooms, your veggies, the abundance of eggs, (why not bake with all the extras? You make such lovely cakes!). As your photos were loading, I was scrolling down your sidebar and noticed new pics there as well, of your family, your travels, and of course, your flowers. I hadn't realized that you, too, had one daughter, as I do. Well, if we lived closer to each other, (like on the same continent, for starters), I'm certain that the four of us would be having wonderful afternoon teas, the girls entertaining the mums, amid chatter and chuckles!

    Thanks so much for sharing your spring; it is fast becoming my favourite season, the older I get, stealing first place from fall!


  4. Hi dear Aida! I love your hens and their gorgeous eggs! Your photos today are stunning. That magazine looks delicious! I'll look for it! xo

  5. Wish you a lovely springtime, it all looks so fresh and new. Your hens look healthy and lovely and you have your own fresh eggs and vegetables with colourful flowers, a cup of tea and a nice book, of course about tea. Life is wonderful, is n't it?

  6. Hello Aida,

    Spring looks beautiful at your place - love all the daffodils and your pretty flowers and how sweet your hens are.
    Your photographs are all so lovely.
    Looks like a wonderful way to spend some time - sitting enjoying a cup of tea and reading the Country Style magazine.
    Happy week and many thanks for visiting me

  7. beautiful new blooms and fresh life! enjoy while we head into the colors and aromas of autumn. :)

  8. What a lovely place to be. Beautiful blooms and fresh air eh?

  9. wunderschöne blumen haben sie!!! und ich liebe ihre hühner!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

  10. Hello Aida,
    it's really paradise!
    Flowers, garden, books and china:)
    All the best!

  11. Aida, oh I envy you spring:-) Here we have autumn. We dug vegetables from the garden and watch the wild geese migrating to the warm countries. At this time, the sun warms harder but feel autumn in the air.
    It's nice to look at your chickens, then I feel like we were neighbors:-)
    beautiful flowers
    Hugs hot!

  12. Hello dear Aida,
    I am just getting around to visiting my special blog friends. It has been very hectic lately with moving into our new home, but I am settling in now, and feeling very grateful. Your flowers are gorgeous. I can't wait to plant some beautiful ones myself. The ranunculus caught my eye, maybe because they are mysterious, as you said. They look like such a sturdy flower with vibrant color. And your hens are delightful with their black feathers and red heads. Oh, it is such a treat to come over here and see all of this. I love that little elf, he's sweet.

    Back to moving in, I'm almost done. I'm so glad I stopped by, I needed the break. Have a lovely weekend.


    by the way, that African Daisy is gorgeous.

  13. Oh yes, the spring is my favourite season but now we have autumn here in Sweden and I like that season too....the colors, the air, yes, I like it!
    Have a lovely sunday!

  14. Spring is my fav season for the same reasons! Beautiful blooms, Aida. You should link this up with this week's Floral Friday

  15. It's Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and although it is very pretty where I live (Ohio, U.S.) with the leaves changing colors, I still find that Springtime is my favorite time of year. . .Your blog is lovely, and I am a new follower! Enjoy your Spring!