Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Spring Fling

Hello dear friends, hope you are all having a good week. The weather is certainly getting warmer, as spring comes into full swing. It has been a crazy week at home and at work. My husband is on his second week of school holidays. Besides finishing essays for his Masters in Holocaust studies, he is also in the progress of starting a new garden at home, whch is something I am very excited about. Apart from our projects around the house I am also busy planning my upcoming trip to the US. It will be my first time visiting America and I am looking forward to seeing some of the big cities. Anyway, more on that next time.

Last Sunday we had the most beautiful spring day, and we didn't let the household chores get in the way of having a picnic to enjoy a little spring fling.

Thank you for visiting.

I'm joining Trishie  for  Floral FridaySandi for Tea TimeBernideen for Tea in the Garden

                             So we packed our basket

    At the market we stopped, for some sour dough and grain bread

         Filled our thermos with hot water and milk in the other

     On our way to the park I bought a bunch of this colourful statice bouquet

It is always nice to just relax and enjoy nature and its surroundings

What is a picnic without something sweet for a treat

Crab apple trees, wisterias, magnolias, cherry blossoms were just some of the trees in bloom, filling the air with scent that was almost intoxicating

But what caught my attention was this teeny-weeny baby praying mantis, sitting on this pretty bluebell. Can anyone see it?


  1. Spring is the most beautiful season and your photos are filled with its fragrances and colors! Wish I could be there and taste a litttle from this fantastic cake....!
    Happy Sunday

  2. That must have been a lovely spring picnic with your husband. Beautiful sunny weather a nice picknictable with flowers, the bread even looks delicious and of course that sweet cake, mmmmmm. We also still have extra-ordinary nice weather for October, it is autumn here and I'm not looking forward to winter. When I see your prettey pictures I should like to jump right into spring.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Hi Aida,

    Your spring picnic looks lovely, and the weather is perfect, I imagine. How beautiful to be surrounded by all those pretty flowers and their heady fragrance, while enjoying that scrumptious cake with your sweetie!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


  4. Your picnic looks so inviting with all the beautiful trees and flowers around. So glad you ditched the chores and went on the picnic. The cake looks very good.
    Enjoy your Spring - wish Fall would come to So. CA.

  5. Aida, what a wonderful spring from you, yes it is a good time for picnics:-)
    Your thermos ... I remember this from my childhood, I am pleased to be done:-)
    You're going to America ?! Super! I think it will be a fantastic trip and that you wish.

  6. Hello Aida,

    What a beautiful way to spend a spring day with a picnic - loved seeing all your wonderful photos.
    The sweet bluebells with the little pray mantis is lovely.
    Happy Sunday

  7. oh, that is a tiny one! and what a nice way to spend a beautiful day! lovely picnic!

  8. Hello Aida
    A perfect day for a picnic - what a spread - I love your red spotted mugs!
    The bunch of Statice looks lovely and such a lovely addition on your picnic rug.
    The tiny praying mantis resting on the bluebell is enjoying the sunshine!
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Shane x

  9. Such a gorgeous spread! I'm inspired to go on a picnic too x

  10. What a lovely day for a picnic:)
    Love your dot mug :)))
    Greetings from Alsace:)

  11. Yay for springtime! Which big cities are you going to visit, Aida? Your picnic looks so perfect! Lovely photos today!

  12. Hello Aida,

    I read in the newspaper the other week the food critic said that picnic's are coming back into vogue!! I never knew they went out.
    Love the setting for your picnic, the grounds look a lovely place to walk around. Did you make the cake?
    Good luck on your travel plans to America.

    Happy days.

  13. Dear Aida,
    You are visiting the US? I am wondering where you will go. I love the picnic table that you set up and the plaid table cloth and thermoses. The plaid thermoses remind me of school days. Oh my, that cake looks delicious. And the bluebells are gorgeous. Yes, I see the praying mantis just sitting there on it. Your spring looks beautiful, Aida. Thank you for sharing a bit of your season with us.


  14. How lovely to see some spring images! Here autumn is in full swing.
    Have a good day.
    Ingrid x

  15. Dear Aida,

    What a lovely day in the park and spring and picnic certainly is a lovely combination. Here in the south of Sweden it's autumn at the moment and the whole landscape is a colorful firework. So beautiful.

    How exciting with a trip to US. I hope you'll have a lovely stay and looking forward to see all about it here on the blog.

    Take care Aida and have a lovely Monday.


  16. Good Afternoon Aida, How wonderful to see Spring in the air. Here in England Autumn, is changing the garden, plants are retreating back into the soil.... but that is the joy of Spring, they will soon be popping their heads through the ground again.
    Have a wonderful trip to America.... you must be so excited.
    Have a lovely day.
    Best Wishes

  17. Hi Aida,
    What a wonderful Spring picnic! I love the tartan table covering and your various food keepers. The cake looks just wonderful and would be a treat with a cup of tea in the fresh air. I hope your trip to America will be everything you dream of and more. Thanks for stopping by and joining me for tea.


  18. Hello, Dear Aida,
    Your picnic is so charming! I love your pretty plaid thermos's and table covering and the polka dot cups! Such a lovely time of year for you to take a little break and enjoy the fresh air. Lovely scenery and I see the little praying mantis. We don't have them here in Washington State, but I remember them as a child in Massachusetts. How exciting that you get to come here! You must be proud of your husband's hard work in school and at home. Wishing you a lovely week!
    Hugs xo

  19. Aida: I just remembered that I said one thing wrong - I should have said to "go to layout" after going to design.