Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Open Garden

It was one of those beautiful spring days, when we headed to the mountains to visit three out of eleven open gardens in Leura. So off we went, the four of us, my dearest friend Olivia, her husband Serg, and my sweet hubby Greg. Hello dear friends, hope you are all well. I would like to thank you all for your kind visit and your lovely messages.

I am joining; Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday, Martha for; Martha's Favorites, Jody for; Sweet and Simple Friday, Bernideen for; Tea with friends

I put on my red suede shoes.

First we needed some energy-boosting food, to kick start our day. 

A protocol - a picture together.

We were greeted with azure sky, topiary of greens and towering trees.

Looking out the valley, the wilderness seem an eternity.

Bulbs are gorgeous. I love this wine-barrel turned into pot,

Well, I could just easily lie down under the canopy of this gigantic tree.

Surrounded with colourful azaleas make it look even more outstanding. 

Crabbe apple trees are a beaut in itself.

I'd like to have a cottage amongst these trees

Where bluebells thrive 

And waterfalls in my backyard, where I can retreat and take a dip to escape the summer heat.

Where tulips grow in the most unexpected places. 

Where I can peek out and be enchanted by this view

A place that is full of surprises

Hope you enjoy some of the photos as I will be back with more of these open garden views

Above is my charity-find... ceramic coasters, painted blooms of hydrangeas, lilacs, roses and lisianthus.

 My afternoon tea with my signature rhubarb and apple tea cake.

Foxgloves and apple trees are in their best dress

But this didn't dispirit the roses 


  1. Yay for spring, right? The tulips are lovely! Your cake looks scrumptious, Aida!

  2. Hello Aida:)
    Nature, flowers-what a lovely spring:)

    And in France we have warm, gold, beauty atumn:)

  3. Lovely gardens and photo of you!

    Madelief x

  4. It's absolutely a beautiful day spent with good friends , good food and beautiful surrounds!!! It's an enchanting place to visit especially in spring. Your fotos are lovely.

  5. Ah, how nice to take hiking in the thriving, spring garden. Wonderful pictures.
    I am now walking around the autumn meadows. I did a lot of pictures, because the light was very nice. In a few days will plant roses. I do rose alley on my property.
    Cake with rhubarb ... ah, it's already next year:-)
    Yours very warm. A good week.

  6. Dear Aida,
    The open gardens are lovely, and you look so pretty in this picture with your friend. Your smile is warm and radiant. Let me start with those foxgloves.....what a gorgeous color! I love the waterfalls and am always intrigued with them. Everything is so green and lush, and I love that picture with the azaleas. I have always loved this flower, and have had them in the front of my houses throughout the years. Aahh, the roses are my favorite.

    So nice that you got to visit here, Aida. And your red suede shoes are fantastic!


  7. Hello Aida,

    What a special day you had with your friends. Luera is one place I would love to visit. Great photo's of the open gardens, especially love the old trees, imagine the stories it could tell. Love the coasters you picked up, they look to lovely to use.

    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Dear Aida,
    Oh, how lovely all your photos are - especially the one of you and your dear friend - so happy together! You have captured some wonderful memories and very sweet scenes. I love the cottage in the trees and the pretty window, the waterfall and all the gorgeous flowers. Your tea looks lovely, too, with your pretty new tiles and vases of flowers.
    Wishing you a lovely week,
    a hug xo

  9. You visited some lovely gardens, that must have been a great day with your friend and red suede shoes on your feet, haha.
    The ceramic coasters are wonderful and your cake.....delicious.
    Wish you a great week!

  10. Aida, what enchanting views, indeed! How beautiful that so many pretty flowers grow beside one another; it seems almost unreal! I can imagine all the different scents of sweetness and fresh air on your walk. The bluebells are TOO cute! Your own garden is blooming wonderfully, too, and how lovely that you are taking tea there, among all the spring blossoms!

    Happy Tuesday, my friend!


  11. I love a garden tour for plant ideas and overall inspiration. Are your red shoes your favourite ones for walking?
    The ceramic coasters were a good find, and pretty. They'll come in handy if even to stand up as a decoration.

  12. I enjoyed the stroll through your photos, Aida. The flowers are so fresh and pretty and the blue bells are so sweet! I like your red shoes. I have a pair of black ones but I think like yours better. :) Your teapot is a pretty one and the teacup looks as though it's a match. Rhubarb and apple cake sounds lovely with a cup of tea. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea this week and have a beautiful day.


  13. What a treat to be able to tour such beautiful gardens! I especially love the foxgloves and roses. Your charity finds area really lovely - those painted blooms are just gorgeous. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Hi Aida:
    This is a beautiful posting and I especially loved that you have Foxgloves! You always set things up so pretty. Here is how you change the addres sto me: You go to design and find the box where you have links to other blogs. You open it and look for mine and you need to change the address to http://blog.bernideens.com/ and then you save it! I changed it a long while back because another blog stole a lot of my posts (also 2 other bloggers at the same time).

  15. What a glorious spring you are having, dear Aida! We won't be seeing these flowers for another 6-7 months... ;) Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos...
    You and your friend are so lovely...and your joy is evident!

    Thank you, dear friend, fro visiting me...
    Sending hugs,
    - Irina

  16. What a lovely tour of spring gardens. I do love the fall we are having but this is a great preview of what it may be like that here in another six months!

  17. Hi Aida,

    I loved your post today all the gorgeous flowers and pretty gardens and seeing the lovely photo of you and your friend.
    The rhubarb and apple cake sounds delicious.
    Many thanks for the kind visit to my blog and your sweet note you left.
    Happy weekend

  18. Some wonderful gardens and flowers - it makes me feel wistful to see all the spring flowers as we head towards winter.

  19. I love Leura at this time of the year. So much charm and flowers everywhere.

  20. Hello Aida! It was such a delight to come across your pretty blog! I had a wonderful time looking at your beautiful pictures - the flowers are just gorgeous!

    I am happy to be following along and I am looking forward to visiting again. Hugs and blessings to you!

  21. What a gorgeous post - as things are dying here and getting ready to sleep your world is awakening and it is so beautiful!

    The flowers and sky, your tea time - just lovely. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments today, too. ~Michele

  22. Hi Aida,
    I am always so amazed that you have spring while we have autumn. Thats show so clear how many many miles are between our countries. And still we can have tea togehter, isn't that sweet. I love all your spring photos. The charity finds are real treasures. Thank you for sharing this sweet tea time and for your visit with the sweet comment on my blog.
    Best greetings, Johanna