Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Tea break

Woke up to a most glorious autumn morning. The sky was blue, with a few white fluffy clouds, cool gentle breeze, birds squawking by the trees, sweet aromatic scent of leaves close to falling. Perfect day to start my long Easter break. I whipped the freshest eggs, added with some herbs, topped with yellow pear tomatoes, and thank God for such bounteous nosh. 

I watched the morning go by, looking out by the back garden, I sat very still as I revelled in nature's offerings. Black and white magpie landed in the garden; warily searching for some grubs or perhaps leftover canine food, while in the middle of a garden bed a common myna was engrossed at its catch of insects. Ahhhh...Life is so simple yet so divine. I could sit whole day and  let my mind idle away. 

Wishing everyone a spirit-filled Easter weekend. 

Thank you dear friends for visiting and for your kind and sweet messages. 




  1. Hello Aida,

    A lovely post, I can hear a crow outside this morning! Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

    Happy days.

  2. Dear Aida,

    I can feel the freshness of your morning, the simple and sweet adventure that was your breakfast, bird visitors and always, your beautiful flowers!

    Happy Easter, my friend!


  3. I have enjoyed my stay here... thank you for letting me in.


  4. Hello Dear Aida! I hope you are having a most peaceful and beautiful Easter!
    Thank you so much, my friend, for coming by to visit...I have missed blogging and all of the joys that come along with it... :)
    Your post certainly has brought me joy! So many lovelies....your Easter goodies are darling..I especially love that sweet koala...
    Wishing you many blessings,
    - Irina

  5. So nice to have a long and pieceful Easter break, your flowers, food and herb photos are magnificent so are the Easter decorations, you even have a chocolate Koala bear. Enjoy your rest and the beautiful nature of Australia.
    Wish you a Happy Easter!

  6. pretty nice blog, following :)

  7. Beautiful bunnies! Beautiful photos ALL! Happy Easter, friend!

  8. What a beautiful garden with the Easter bunnies all over! Your potos are gorgeous of everything, the food included! I enjoyed your happy and joyeous post. Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter!

  9. Dear Aida,
    I just noticed your Easter post up. I hope you had a lovely Easter. We had a quiet and nice one this year. Your pink rose is such a pretty color, and I love that bird pillow. It looks embroidered? Oh, those chocolate bunnies look yummy. I made chocolate brownies for Easter, and think I may have one this morning with my tea. Your tea cup is so pretty. I collect different cups now, so yours always catch my eye. It's always a pleasure for me to see what is going on in your world, Aida.

    You are such a special blog friend to me. Have a great week.


  10. My dearest bestie,when i look at your blog, i anticipated to see beautiful creation captured on camera, and you always delivered.. It gave such pleasures to read and see what you have created and penning down beautiful thoughts of appreciation on life itself and the beaty of your surrounds. Bless your soul coz it aint that msny like you. Keep doing what you doing, coz i cant wait to read some more!


  11. Hello Aida:)
    I love your photos, so colorfull.
    And did you know, that tea pot is from Poland?
    Greetings from Alsace:)