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Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Australia's biggest morning tea

Today, the biggest morning tea in Australia is celebrating 20 years. What is Australia's biggest morning tea you may ask? Well, it is a charity fund raiser for the Cancer Council and research. 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85. Together, every cup of tea brings us closer to finding a cure.
Everyone is invited and encouraged to support this good cause. Over 1 million Australians now take part in this big event. By organising a simple get together with your family and friends or colleagues, hosting or donating can make a big difference.

My contribution today is my gluten free vanilla cupcakes. Simple and easy, very light and fluffy yet rich in flavour.

Buon Appetito!!


  1. It looks like the perfect tea party to me!
    As soon as school is out for the summer, I shall have more tea parties.

  2. Tea party is always pleasant to partake. Summer break is perfect way to entertain. Hope you have fun.

  3. The food looks wonderful! Just lovely!

  4. Wow! Yummy! Everything looks so delicious!
    We have a very special house that we were able to purchase two years ago. It is a 'family entertainment' house as we have our own other very cozy home where we live. So, we have two homes, at the present time. The special house is full to the brim with antique furniture, a juke box, and a player piano (run by a computer so you can download songs from online!) Our Family (our grown children) have used the special house for birthday parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, and tea parties! And this Friday, our oldest daughter is going to bring her day care children (she runs a day care with 14 children) anyway, they are going to be coming to the special house as a museum tour. Yes! It is that kind of a house, as it was in the making for 23 years by a gentleman who wanted to build his very own Victorian Style home. (I do have older posts on my blog about 'Laurelwood' the extravagant house we purchased). It would be hard to live there as that is exactly the 'feel' you get when you walk into the house...it IS like a museum.
    Anyway, I love tea parties!!! And I am going to be doing the Mad Tea Party with photos taken at Laurelwood.
    Thank you Aida, for coming to join my blog and to participate in 'A Fanciful Twist's' Mad Tea Party. Vanessa Valencia is still accepting people to participate in her tea party so please do go to her blog link on my sidebar and let her know you are participating. She did have a bit of a computer problem where she got some emails from bloggers requesting to participate and their emails somehow got put into her spam file. She now has that straightened out. Just letting you know some behind the scenes details.
    I know you will thoroughly enjoy participating!
    Ta! Ta!
    and hugs,
    Teresa in California