Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Friday, 31 May 2013

Tea for one

Today is the first day of winter here down under. The morning sun bright and sunny brought warmth breeze, salving, soothing and pleasant to the soul. As per the weather forecast late afternoon showers casting a shadow over the blue sky.

But of course, I have my iPad handy and took advantage of the morning light and took few photos around the garden.

And since I got the house all to myself this beautiful Sabbath day, turning the kettle on and pouring my cup with one of the sweet smelling brew of black currant tea completes my day.

Hoping you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend.

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I found this little tea pot at a garage sale.

Handmade by Annie Kaill  a Polish Pottery

Lemon tart and choc brioche, all for me??

I spotted this little frogmug lying between a pile of trash, if not treasure in a flea market, I rescued him and give him a home @ a whopping price of $1

And Miss Grin-frog would have been happy to meet Kermit. They would have been perfect together. Nevertheless, they are perfect tea party companion.

My sweet pea thought spring has sprung. So I cut some with some and put them in this milk jug together with roses and African daisies.

Some pink daisies and white geraniums

This Geraldton wax (native to Australia) is starting to flower.

Another Daisy

This little ground cover is also native to Australia.

Guara-hardy, invasive and self-seeding, no need to buy a new plant every year as they just pop up everywhere.

I thought I might share this picture of a wild mushroom. They've invaded our garden. Does anyone recognize what sort these are??

Apple picking is almost over.

But these strawberries seem to keep going and going as long as Mr snail doesn't get in the way.


  1. Thank you for inviting me to your afternoon tea! I had a very nice time!
    More lemon tarts, please!

  2. Thank you PomPom for stopping by and joining me for tea. Wishing you a very happy weekend.



  3. love all the fotos you posted in your blog.

    looking forward to see more of your nice photography.

  4. love your photography. it is a pleasure to watch!

  5. Hi Aida,

    What a sweet little poem!! I love it! Your garden has such variety; I am in love with your strawberries, they are TOO cute! From your flowers to your fruit, you have a beautiful abundance of Mother Nature's gifts!

    Hope you have a nice week!


  6. What a positively perfect tea party! :) I love Polish Pottery, and your pieces are so pretty...the froggies are wonderful! Splendid garden....those strawberries are calling my name... ;) We are heading into Summer so they are a long awaited treat right now....
    And Happy Cosy Winter to you, dear Aida!
    Hugs from Minnesota,
    - Irina

  7. I am a new comer here and followed Palomasea to your blog. I am now following your lovely blog.
    I have a a piece of the same style Polish pottery only it is a rectangle piece large enough to hold dinner napkins in. I found mine in a thrift store and was quite pleased to find it! I adore the Tea Party prose poem about having a Tea Party for three! How charming!
    Do enjoy your winter! It was 106 Farenheit here yesterday, quite hot, and June 21st, is the beginning of our summer...so summer has begun at the end of our spring!
    Love the photos of your flowers too.
    Teresa in California