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Walk and Enjoy
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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day

My husband, sweet and thoughtful as he is cooked up a storm to create a gourmet breakfast-in-bed for me. Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, sautéed button mushrooms on wholemeal bread was on the menu and to top it off he whipped up some pancakes complete with maple syrup and ice cream. What a scrumptious Mother's Day breakfast indeed!
And from my Unica Hija ( daughter), she stayed up late last night to create one of her specialty cakes (red velvet). I'm am truly spoiled and blessed this Mother's Day. 
This year, my sister in law hosted our Mother's Day lunch at her beautiful cosy home, nestled on one acre of land approximately 1 hour drive North West of Sydney's CBD.

Thank you to my dear sister in law for allowing me to feature her house on this special Mother's Day post.

Wishing everyone a happy Mother's Day.



  1. Hello,
    Happy Mothers Day: That all looks like you had a great Mothers Day. So nice of your husband and daughter to do all those sweet things.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  2. Hi Aida,

    How lucky you are! Breakfast in bed, a beautifully baked cake and a visit to your petty sister-in-law's house to further celebrate! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you Johanna and Poppy for your sweet and kind words. Hope you enjoyed Mother's Day as well.

    Have a great week.

  4. I love the photos of the house! It's SO wonderful!
    The cake is beautiful! A work of art!
    Happy belated Mother's Day to YOU!

    1. Thank you PomPom. Wishing you a happy weekend.



  5. Hey Everyone - this is me....the wonderful Sister in Law !!!!! You can tell that it is me in the kitchen, as I always like to have a glass of champagne in my hand. Helps me to be more creative.

    This is my first blog - so well done Aida.

    cheers J. xxx

  6. Aww...so sweet Janelle. Thank you for checking out my post.

    Have a good week.