Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Quick stop

This week has come and gone, like a thief in the night; it caught me wrong-footed and left me with nothing but a trail of time lost!
Scurrying through the foggy morning, with a mission of beating the peak morning traffic is my daily routine. How I get to work in one piece everyday is a bliss, for my wandering mind often sends me afield.
Ahhhh......I long for a short break to catch up.
As much as I would like to post more country views, the luxury of time is one I don't have right now.
Here are some pix of old country town Goulburn - the first inland city in Australia - centrally located between Sydney and Canberra, about 2 hours drive (195 Km) south of Sydney.

Thank you all for stopping by.


This is the big Merino a 15-meter tall concrete ram located in Goulburn. The lower ground contains a gift shop and a wool display on the second floor.

Paragon café is quintessentially part of our stop over in Goulburn, a plateful of scones, jam and cream completes a freshly brewed pot of tea to satisfy the palate for Devonshire tea cravings.

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