Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Anticipating Easter

Counting days to Easter break, a week of rest from daily grind and time to reflect, meditate and renew our spiritual relationship with our dear Creator.

Leading towards Easter week, a couple of friends and I decided to go fasting even only for one day this week and another next week.
In my humble opinion as a Christian, the business of our lives has a tendency to rule and dominate and can affect that intimate moment of each day which we allot to commune and rest a while to worship and glorify The Lord. God is worthy of our praises for He died on the cross to buy our pardon!

Wishing all of you a spiritual-filled week.



The little bunny was from our local nursery, the eggs are from our canaries which didn't hatch and the nest is a roadside find when I was foraging for pine cones last Summer in Counrty Robertson.

Doesn't she has the sweetest look on her face?

The bird was from Parklea markets
The rosemary is from the garden and the bunny is a Peter Rabbit collection

She's on a bake off mission

These eggs belonged to Indian Mynas. My husband found them nesting in the guttering. I was able to save a couple for photos. FYI: Indian Mynas are considered pest: 
  • Reduces breeding success of some native parrot species. Indian mynas compete aggressively for nesting hollows and can evict native parrots from nest boxes or tree hollows and even kill eggs and chicks.
  • Compete for tree hollows with other native wildlife (e.g. possums and gliders). Indian mynas can kill small mammals and remove sugar gliders from tree hollows.  
  • Damages fruit, vegetables and cereal crops.
  • Spreads weeds such as lantana and fireweed.
  • Potential reservoir for diseases such as avian malaria.
  • Social nuisance with large roosts and nests causing noise, mess, potential allergies and fire hazards(www.daff.qld.gov.au)

  • I've added some lily pillies to add colour to my vignette

    check out the tea light bunnies
    My little friend hiding in between the overgrown Guaras

    I thought I might post a pic of my Budgies

    The animals gathered for some sunshine


    1. Hi Aida,
      thank you for sharing this colorful Easter pictures. How cute to have this tiny eggs. A wonder of nature, arent they? I hope we will get spring weather soon. I am so craving for that.
      Best greetings, Johanna

    2. Hi Johanna, thank you and I hope the warm weather will head your way soon.
      Would be nice to have a change of weather!

      Have a good week.