Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Friday, 1 March 2013

Headless Chooks

Last few days have been really crazy on the other side of the spectrum, a place called “work”!

Working late hours and starting really early in preparation for month end seems so monotonous but I still don’t get accustomed to it. Around this time more often than not I do feel like a headless chook running around!

But, aren’t I glad that the weekend is now here, that I can actually put my feet up, chill and of course enjoy a cup or two of my favourite English breakfast tea - while I read all your blogs. Thank you for your kind comments and adding me on your blog lists.

I thought I might share with you some members of our household today: our lovely hens.
 They live in an eco-friendly, sustainable environment.

 They have their own enclosure where they can sun bake and free to roam around.
 Around our home, nothing is wasted as these lovely hens help a lot with food scraps and leftovers.
We have ten chickens: 1 Rhode Island red, 7Australorpes, and 2 Iso Browns. They like dust bathing, and scratching for insects and worms. "Happy hens mean tasty eggs"!

May you all have a happy and safe weekend. See you soon in a happy world of blogging!

God bless,



  1. Oh quelle jolies poules !! :0) J`adore ils ont tres jolie!!

    Bonne semaine !

    xxx Maria xxx