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Walk and Enjoy
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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dangar Island

The drive on the express way to Brooklyn was quite pleasant. Regardless of being the long weekend, it took us more or less 35 minutes upon reaching the wharf. To my surprise there weren't many tourists except for some campers and a few locals who, like us, only came for a day's trip. It was my first time visiting this quaint little forested island which is located in the Hawkesbury River approximately an hour from Sydney CBD by car. A ferry ride only takes 10 minutes from Brooklyn wharf which is adjacent to the cityrail station of Hawkesbury River. As per the history the first European to land on Dangar Island was Governor Arthur Phillip. The Island was first named Mullet due to the abundance of mullet fish and then was purchased by Henry Dangar a pastoralist, surveyor and a parliamentarian.

Heaps of $1 books up for grabs

Brooklyn Public Wharf

We spotted an immature male king parrot. I was lucky enough to get closer without scaring him away.

I wonder what type of bird would lay an egg this big. 

Rural Fire Service

Native to Australia and New Guinea-the Kookaburra. 

The unconventional way of gardening-well I guess if you live in an Island like Dangar everything has it's uses. 

I don't mind getting on one of these tinnies for a nice trip around the Island.
A boat made of sticks? This will take me up creek without a paddle

I've noticed that there were few ornamental gingers growing around the Island

One way of getting around the Island

Brugmansia or commonly called as Angel's trumpets

As per 2011 survey the Island has 267 population
The gateway to the Dangar's residence

So serene and tranquil

Another day in paradise

Is this suppose to scare the bad spirits away??

This couple are inspiring-maybe next time I visit the Island I will take my kayak with me(if I get to have one).

The view from the summit...

After a long walk around the Island we sat down for some warm drinks and light meal

Wheelbarrows are not only used for gardening but in Dangar Island they are also useful in pushing  your  groceries (who needs a trolley?).

This hot chocolate was divine-perfect for restoring energy.
There goes our ferry

I almost forgot to share this little fellow, trapped inside the fence. He would have loved to go for a walk with us.

They close early for Easter

Our plan B.

I hope the photos will give you a clear idea of how Dangar Island looks. I took so many photos which I wanted to share but I don't really want to overwhelm you.
I would like to wish everyone a happy and relaxing Easter. Bearing in mind the reason for the season!




  1. Hi Aida,
    thank you for taking me with you on this trip. So many nice impressions. And the hot chocolate with marshmallow made my mouth watering. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey. And for your visit at my blog and the sweet comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  2. Thank you Johanna for dropping by. I really appreciate it when you leave a comment. At least I know someone read my post.

    Enjoy spring



  3. Hi Aida,

    What a gorgeous island! I am so enjoying learning about your beautiful Australia, here on this wonderful and informative blog! Off to read your previous post!

    Hope your Easter was a peaceful one.


  4. Hi
    What a beautiful place you are so blessed to live. I have been interested in Australia and now I have a bird's eye view. Thanks for sharing.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  5. Wow, your blog is amazing and you are very creative. Kisses and blessings.


  6. Thank you Poppy of Poppy View, Betty of cozy corner, and Dolores for visiting and reading my posts. I really appreciate it when you leave a comment. Australia is truly a beautiful country. Having this blog is my simple little way of sharing a slice of Australia with you.

    Wishing you all a happy weekend