Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
Let love be the heart of who you are

Saturday, 9 March 2013


There are days when I feel really low and run down, the sky is so gloomy and the clouds have no silver linings!
Today was just one of them; melancholy that is overwhelming, energy receding as the day was winding down!
When I walk in the garden and watch with delight the beauty of nature, it brings sheer joy as it unfolds its surprise before my eyes!
There must be a reason why God created flowers: it's His way of showing how much he loves us!
For every petal unfolds a beauty; unique, the only one of its kind!
Even the infamous cactus, ugly it may seem, but when the time comes to show what really lies beneath, it reveals that most endearing bloom that one could never have imagined!

I thank God for giving me the gift of eyesight, to which I could see through the beauty of His creation! Not only from outside but what's within!

Thank you all for stopping by!

May God bless you today and everyday!




  1. Hi Aida,
    you are so right. Flowers are so special and bring joy to our life. Your cacti are so pretty. You must have a green tumb to get them all flowering. Thank ou for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna


    1. Thanks Johanna. I guess I do have a green thumb! :)
      Anything I put in the ground thrives!!

      Thank you for adding me to your reading list. I will try to do that with all my blog list as well. I will find my way slowly.

      Enjoy the rest of your week