Walk and Enjoy

Walk and Enjoy
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Today's pickin'

It gives me pleasure to go out in the garden and pick our daily produce, the freshest ingredients anyone can ever have.

Quince-I've picked some today to make some quince paste. It turned out that most of them are not edible due to fruit flies infestation. Next time we re considering using plant-based insecticides.

Muscatel grapes-this is the last yield for this year. I've given so much away to neighbours, work collegues, friends and our chooks had their fair share of them.

This is Taro also known as Elephant ear, Cocoyam, Dasheen, Chembu and Eddoe. It is native to tropical polynesia and Southeastern Asia. It can be invasive and could take over your whole garden if given a chance. I've planted them in an area where I can control them.
It contains an irritant which causes intense discomfort to the lips, mouth, and throat. The acridity is caused in part by microscopic needle like raphides of calcium oxalate and probably by another chemical. It must be processed by cooking,soaking or fermenting.

Our garden is surrounded with herbs, like this basil. I love the aroma of freshly cut basil around the kitchen. I usually cut a bunch of herbs and hang them on our pot-rack in the kitchen.

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